Sweets Stories: Shower (shower,milked,pussy)

Sweets Stories: Shower

As Tom, Dick and Harry crowded together against the window each held out an
erect penis already getting shiny and wet at the top.

Young Tom's nearly touched his grandfather's which was fun. He liked looking at
them side by side like that. When his grandfather looked down and saw Tom's he
said, mine used to look that, young feller, mine used to be fat like
that..sometimes I miss it that fat...you got a real handful, there, eh?

Tom stood a little taller and smiled because his was so hefty and red compared
Harry's. Harry's was more gray, like his hair and not nearly as hard as his.
Tom said, bet she'd like yours in her mouth and mine in her pussy!

Harry replied, you got that right kid, don't want to choke 'em. Then Harry
moved his closer to Tom's big one and slapped his against the head of Tom's
just like he done on the stucco. The slapping enlarged his penis and they both
laughed together. Then Tom slapped his atop Harry's and said, one good
turn...and they laughed again.

Dick said, hold it down, you two! Look she is turning around!

They all ducked down a little and peeked over the edge of the window sill.

As she turned to face them, she played the shower spray over her buttocks still
plugged with that white candle. They watched as she covered two holes in the
spray and directed a strong force of water toward her candle-filled anus as she
bent forward.

They loved it. They crowded in tighter with their penises touching and watched
her ass wiggle away from the hard spray which seemed to keep hitting the candle

She started to whimper, they wanted to but did not want to give their location

Young Tom's penis started to dribble and jerk around. Dick said, hey, watch
out!..then he began to look at Tom's penis dripping onto his and it felt good.
He had a hard time tearing away his eyes and looking back at her. This was the
best scene he had ever been in..boy was she moving; he wanted to just get at
her with his hands, mouth, penis, anything..

Harry's eyes looked glazed as Tom began to jerk off near his penis. This was so
good for all of them. They were a close family, but who would have thought they
could be this close?

She began to straighten up, then move the spray around to play on her now
visible pussy.

She used her left hand to hold the lips open, they could almost see between
them. She used her right hand to have the water beat between those lips. They
almost groaned aloud together.

Then they did and her eyes opened.

They jumped almost together because she was looking directly at them!

She smiled.

They felt rooted to the ground..she could not see below the window sill that
each was holding a hot penis dripping on each other and on their hands. Dick's
started to wilt; Harry's began to grow soft, but Tom's stayed hard.

She did not stop what she was doing.

She leaned back a little and opened those lips wider as the water played on her
clitoris and they watched while she kept going and smiling at them.

Then she made some kissing noises with her mouth and they got hard again. She
wanted them to watch! She wanted them to see how she did her pussy for them!

Their initial shock at being caught was replaced by their making kissing noises
back at her...individually, then in unison. God, they loved this stuff! She
seemed to like it, too!

Then she stopped looking toward them and seemed to resume her work on her

As she looked down at her hands and the shower spray kept coming, she began to
buck and move in and out of the water spray...then she started to pee..they
nearly lost their loads on that one...she kept up the hard spray and the pee
kept coming out trickling yellow into the water around her feet.

Each of them began pulling on their penis as they watched. She was a dream
come true.

Tom came first, then Dick, then Harry as she squirmed and moved around under
that water pressure from her hose. Each man felt he was the only one and doing
the spraying on her as she moved and swayed under that spray on her clitoris
and fingers holding the lips open.

It was glorious. She was great. They were in heaven as their penises danced and
spotted each other, the wall, their pants, their hands... None of them could
remember having such a good time.

They milked their penises dry, noticed the sticky gelatin ejaculite clinging
between them and felt like brothers all of a sudden. She lifted her head and
looked at them and smiled again. They whooped aloud as if of one voice. They
made kissing noises and said words, like...oh, baby, you are great!

She bowed and began to put the shower head back into its holder.
They could not move.

She stepped out of the shower and began to towel off.
When she patted the swollen pussy between her open legs, they shouted through
the window...show us, honey, show us the good stuff..show us that great pussy
you got there...show us. She did.

Keys: shower milked pussy

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