Teacher Blackmailed - sex story

Teacher Blackmailed

Hi, I am back with second part of the teacher aunty gets blackmailed fuck. In the last part you have read that i am now the principal of the school and was dealing with a groping of teacher by student case and how the student son of the trustee with whom I have illicit relation blackmailed with and made me his whore.

It was three months by now when he had first fucked me in my cabin and now it was a regular thing for me to spread my legs for a boy who was younger to my first child and being fucked by that hunk in all the manner he can think of.

He had fucked me in my cabin during school hours after school hours. he had fucked me in his classroom on holidays. He had fucked me in the terrace of school, as well as the staff room. There was no place left for him to fuck me. The most difficult was being fucked in boys toilet during school hours when i was in the toilet being drilled by him and the boys were using the urinal. i had to keep my mouth shut when he was being too hard so that the boys dont hear me.

but there was this one sex that lead me being fucked by a sex maniac who was my ex husband colleague and had tried his chances on me but failed. it happened in this way.

i was with him in my car and he told me to drive to some lonely place so he can fuck me in car as he wanted to do it in open. i said no but as he was my master i obeyed. I was wearing a blue white lining shirt and black long skirt like they wear in offices. he wanted me to look like a professional. i drove to some jungle type area it was 7 pm and was getting dark. usually no one come over here so i parked and he started exploring me. he held my hair and reached for my mouth and gave me a big smooch we played with each other tongue and were completely filled with others saliva. he bit my upper lips sucked my lower lips. i kept my hand on his excited dick and he started pressing my boobs. we pushed back our seat and i laid down he came on top of me and boom he pulled all the button and i was topless lying on the seat in a jungle with a 16 years old on top of me. he went for my boobs and started sucking them, i left a soft moan ahhhhhh… he circled my nipple with his tongue and i going mad with water releasing in my skirt. i held his head and pushed against my boobs he bited them suck them and i was maoning ahhh ahhhh ahhhh… my skirt was now all wrapped up at my belly and my panties were wet as hell. he kept his dick at the hole and inserted just the bulgy tip and i screamed ahhh… he took out and again repeated it. i was going mad. (advice go this as girls like width and not the length of the dick) he slowly slowly increased the size of penetration with each time removal.

this was making me mad and i was sctraching him all over biting my lips. he went completely in and then started his motor in full force. i was in full pleasure screaming and saying push harder oh mom push harder.. and he was just listening to his principal and obeying my demands. he continued for 5minutes before he spilled his seeds on my stomach. he laid besides me while i cleaned up. we were nude in his car when someone car near to it and a torch light was thrown on my face. we got scared.

i quickly tried to cover my self but the doors were not locked and it got opened. there was a police inspector with two constables. they pulled me and the boy out. i was still topless and was hiding my boobs when i heard the voice of the inspector.

Inspector: so mrs sunita you do these stuff as well.
I got frightened he knew my name and then looked up to him and to my bad he was my ex husband colleague who had tried to seduce me.

I was damn scared.
Inspector: so you are sex worker or molesting a young boy.
boy: he kept quiet and didnt said a word.
ME: sirish please dont embrass me its not what you are thinking.
Inspector: call me sir not sirish.
ME: please i beg to you let us go.
he thought for a while and said ok, but you get in the jeep.
I obeyed to him one of the constable took the car and he left with my student/ master.
I was in the jeep with sirish and other constable.

he drove to nearby hotel on the highway and told the constable to make arrangements. i knew he wont leave me without taking from me what he needed. so i just said take whatever you want but please keep this to yourself.

he laughed and said you are now acting like an obedient bitch but now you are not in condition to act , i am your master the true master and let me show you how to satisfy your pussy.

the constable came with the keys and we went in the hotel. the room was shady where the sex workers usually go. i went in and sirish sat on the bed. he told me to come and sit on his lap. i did and he started smooching me he was rough with me and said. bitch this is not going to be smooth you should had given me this before but now it will be pain for you. he tore me shirt and made me go on all four. he took his dick i just closed my eyes and he went bam full in and i screamed. his dick was the most fat i had ever seen. he fucked me till my sense went dull and he spilled his seeds in my pussy. i was totally exhausted but didnt enjoyed a moment. i laid on the bed and he called for food. he said if you want i can be gentle to you but in return you have to be my mistress. i knew i had no option other then saying yes. so i accepted he told me to freshen up i went in the bathroom. the night was yet to be over for me. the day ended with my one master and the night with two masters. to be continued on what happened that night.

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