Teasing My Stepdad - sex story

Teasing My Stepdad

Robert Staton was home now, after a long week of hard work it seemed a
fair reward to just sit on his big and comfortable arm chair, in front of
his TV, enjoying a drink and the company of his daughter.

The man always got home tired, he had been overworking for years. As
strange as it seems the exhaustion had helped him relax since his wife left
home with his former best friend. He never seen them both since then, he
only knew they were somewhere in the north. Now he lives for his work and
his only daughter Catharine.

Cathy is his treasure! For years he tried to rise her with dignity and
love. For all his caring efforts he was rewarded with her respect and true
adoration, they got along very well, but he knew his attention wasn't
enough for her.

She's eighteen now, he always said to himself she was in the "hormone
controlled years" as he called it. But it wasn't only that. Cathy had
been an early bloomer, since she was twelve she had sported nice breasts
and womanly curves, at fourteen she already was a knockout and now, in her
late teen years, she was just perfect!

But even if her beauty made him proud he could see her using it to draw
attention since her early teen years. Specially male attention. Robert
always wanted to speak to her about it, it was a father's responsibility,
but he just wasn't good at it.

Hell! It was her mother's duty to do it! And she ran away!

He never had the nerves to talk seriously about this subject with her,
and in the last years he saw his little princess using more revealing
clothes and acting in very provocative ways, showing her incredibly sexy
body to great effect. Even home she used sheer tops and cut off shorts and
he, involuntarily at first, saw lots of his daughter's flesh.

She still treated him like her loved father, kissing and hugging him,
even sitting on his lap, something she's been doing even now, in her late
teen years. She always wore sexy outfits, short skirts, cut off tops,
see-through clothes, etc, and sometimes he couldn't help but stare at her

He occasionally had sex with women, but had never had a steady
relationship since that evil day when his wife disappeared, and lately he
had only lived for work and house, forgetting that he was a well kept and
handsome, if a little plump, man in his early fifties.

His daughter's hugs, kisses and caresses were starting to have an
unexpected effect on him. Last month he felt his dick hardening as she
watched TV on his lap, her full round butt brushing his swelling cock and
her arched back causing the tank top to lay open to his eyes, her upward
pointing and large bosom mouthwateringly close to him.

Robert managed to avoid an awkward situation, but the innocence left his
side of the father/daughter relationship, he started to peek views of her
body and had nasty thoughts when she sat on his lap or brushed her tits on
him. But he rationalized that it was just his lack of sexual life and
nothing would happen, he wasn't any kind of pervert!

He was watching the late news when his daughter arrived in the living
room. She was dressed in her blue see-through nightgown, as usual she was
not using a bra and her panties were skimpy. The garment was very short,
showing plenty of leg, but then all her clothes are like that. It also was
held in place by two thin straps that were tied in bows on her shoulders.

The girl walked to her father and kissed his forehead, as she did every
night when they met.

The man smiled in satisfaction.


Catharine Staton wasn't feeling very happy today. She had just broke up
with her boyfriend after a fight, he was jealous again, and in fact he had
good reason to be!

She was one of the best looking girls in school and was the wet dream of
every boy in her class. It was only natural since she was used to flaunt
her charms to everybody!

She is a blonde teen with big blue eyes and a beautiful smile, with a
hard body shaped by daily workout. But the girl's best feature is her set
of fantastic C-cupped tits that stand proudly pointing up, firm and full.
Cathy just loves her big jugs, they were magnificent! And mostly she loved
to show them, make men drool about her stacked chest.

She had been playing teasing games for long years. It started shortly
after her mother left home to live with his father's former best friend,
both were never seen since then. Her father's love, even as hard as he
tried, was not enough for her needs.

She had developed early and soon she started to notice male attention.
Cathy started to crave this attention, in her early teen years she already
was a teaser, and her flirting went up even to the adults around. Her
father noticed but never said anything, he still treats her as his little
princess to this day.

She has been getting boys and grown ups hot for her for years, but never
got past the blowjobs for her boyfriends. The blonde had always got
excited when she noticed men looking at her with desire, she always gave
them a little peek of her panties or a look at her cleavage from some
vantage point, but had always left them with hard cases of blue balls!

But somehow it changed. Three months ago she got so excited about
teasing a fat boy in school that she ended up giving him a handjob. The
look in his face and the adoration in his eyes had driven her nearly
insane. Cathy knew it wouldn't be the last time!

Since then the busty blonde had felt the need to satisfy every man whom
she had teased for too long. I seemed some kind of compensation, but in
fact she loved the way they look as she turns their dreams into reality.
Sometimes she had even reached a climax just from small touches in this

Flirting it had always been a major turn on for the sexy teen, she
enjoyed it more than kissing and most intimacies, but the new sensation was
just addictive! Cathy had been getting out of control more frequently, and
she was afraid she would get in big trouble sometime, specially because she
was a virgin!

But she just couldn't help herself.

The blonde teen got out of her daydream and dressed herself for sleep in
her sheer night gown, it was semi-transparent and very short. Cathy never
wore a bra home, and she only was using the small panties because she was
going to talk to her father.

Every night they would meet in the living room and chat about the day
and, in fact, anything that came to their minds. They would spend a nice
time together and the girl loved this night talks with her dad, the person
she most loved in the world. It would always end up with her nearly
sleeping in his lap and he stroking lovingly her long hair, it was the
sweetest thing in her life and she longed for it every day, and just now it
was making her feel relaxed and light.

The beautiful blonde went happily to the living room


Cathy walked toward me and I had to control my heart. She leaned to
kiss my forehead and I stared at her perfect bosom through the transparent
fabric of her gown. I could clearly see the curves and even the areola was
nearly visible. The gravity made the neckline hang down and I saw her deep
cleavage from very near.

"Good night dad." I heard her saying.

"Good night, my princess." I answered. "how have been your day?" I
always ask this, it's almost a ritual for us. Cathy sat on my lap and my
heart raced, I adjusted my crotch to have my cock rubbing against her
buttocks. She never noticed it, I think she just trusted me too much,
never realizing that I'm a man after all.

My daughter's mouth started to speak about her day and all the teenager
problems she was having, my mind wandered to other parts of her body. Her
crotch was firmly pressed against mine and I felt her heat on my body, it
was driving me crazy, but I just pretended to be hearing her.

As she spoke my daughter waved her arms in wild gesticulation, to
simulate her argument with her former boyfriend. The straps always ended
up on her arms and I had lots of peeks of her big and round nipples.

In the end of the story I just hugged her, feeling her young body
against me, and said comforting words, I don't even remember what I said!
She kissed my cheeks and I took the opportunity to hug her while she wasn't
with her back arched, she didn't resist, thinking it to be a normal
fatherly caress, but my face was pressed against her ample mounds as her
arms were around my head.

I must confess that I nearly lost control, all I could think was about
taking her nipple, so near my lips, into my mouth and sucking it. Shame
hit me hard at this same time, I was going too far, she was my daughter, my
little girl, and stood there daydreaming about sucking her tits! It was
not natural... it was incest and I knew it.

But then she started to feel drowsed, and even stretched and yawned in
my lap, the big tits busted the gown and her left breast was in full view
for short moments before she adjusted herself. Then she went to her room
to sleep, and I went to mine to masturbate.

Teasing My Daddy Pt. II

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* * * * *

Cathy woke up with a desire to go shopping, nothing unusual for the
beautiful girl. By 10 AM she was already inside a teen clothes' store in a
nearby mall, a place specialized in female teen garment, with lot's of sexy
stuff. After some browsing she ended up buying several items, much to the
saleswoman's happiness, and decided to walk out already in a new outfit.

She was using a cut off tank top that exposed her stomach, even looking
one size too big someone looking from bellow would easily see the bottom of
her C-cups. Since her breasts were very large and firm they made two tents
in it's short and thin fabric, the nipples clearly making two marks as they
were already hard. The straps were very thin and constantly rode down her
shoulders, sometimes falling in her arms, nearly baring her firm and ample
braless mounds.

Since it was a large top her hooters were exposed when she bended or
even arched her back a little more than usual, which she planned to do a
lot this same day.

The girl was also wearing the micro skirt she had just brought, it
seemed one size too small, hugging her body tightly, and was so short that
her buttocks were in danger of appearing if she bended over. To protect
her modesty she wore a skimpy and thin tong bikini panties that was
engulfed by her butt cheeks and nearly wasn't big enough to cover her slit.

The gorgeous girl stood looking at the mirror, she smiled with
satisfaction. Cathy was ready to play her favorite game: flirting and
cockteasing. She was almost sorry for her future victims.

The excitement rocked her body as she left the clothes store, the girl
was aroused in anticipation of her sexy play just about to begin.


I felt very sexy in my outfit and was crazy to test it's effect on men.
The mall was nearly empty, since it wasn't very popular and it was the
middle of the week in a working hour.

That's why I've chosen it, I don't want to expose myself in front of a
crowd, I like to be in control of the situation.

As I walked some guys passed me by, mostly boys, who couldn't help but
stare at my body. God! The constant ogling and the turning heads always
get me very excited. So... why not play a little teasing game before
going home?

I entered a computer store, it was small with a big counter in the
middle displaying boxes of programs and lots of games, a thin nerdy guy in
his late twenties was standing in front of another counter in the back of
the store. A perfect victim!

"How can I help you?" he asked while his eyes made an quick appraisal of
my body. The man was nearly drooling, but was trying to hide it, he
obviously liked what he seen.

"Oh... I'm just browsing... in fact I'd like to check the new games" I
said while bending to catch a game box in a low row. My tank top hung
down, as I knew it would, exposing my beautiful and large boobs. I made
sure that he was just in the position to see it all the way.

The poor clerk gasped with wide eyed surprise! I held that pose,
looking up to him and asking coyly "Which one is better..." I pretended not
to notice that my nipples were in his full view, and pointed to the
computer games, "... this one or that one?" my flexed arm discretely
pushed the side of my breasts, making the hooters move as I pointed to each
box in turn.

I was making a great show and he was hard pressed just to understand
what I was saying or asking. I usually end in this point and just walk
away, leaving him to dream of my body.

But today I was feeling a little nastier than usual! My pussy was
already very wet with excitement and I just went on.

I turned my back to him, but still standing very close to the guy, and
bent over at the waist a little bit. My butt was inches from his crotch
and my skirt had rode up my legs, nearly showing my panties. "Adventure
games... I love them!" then I bent even lower, aiming with success my firm
and round asscheeks to meet his crotch. I pretended to be choosing among
four or five games, while moving my ass to rub his erection, now clearly

He was sporting a big hard on... time to walk away!

But... I don't know why, suddenly it seemed wrong just to leave him
there... unsatisfied. It was happening again, I was so aroused that I
couldn't help but continue with the flirting. I straightened myself and
looked to his crotch, his hard cock was making a tent on his trousers! He
was breathing hard and sweating, the guy was very excited!

Just like the other times in the last months I got all wet, shivers of
lust ran through my spine and I just couldn't control my desires. As if
they had a mind of their own my hands grabbed his dick and I said "You are
so hard... I'm sorry! It was my fault, wasn't it?"

He mumbled an answer which I could not understand, but I knew what he
wanted. I started to unzip his fly saying "but I know just how to make up
for it... I'll just jerk you off and it'll be all right."

What was happening to me? The guy was not up to my standards, and even
if he were I would never do such a thing! But right now I was dripping wet
just to think of wanking this stranger. He got very embarrassed and led me
to the other side of the counter in the back of the store, nobody would see
us from the front of it, and I felt safe to do whatever I wanted to do.

I don't know why, but I knew I wanted, no, I HAD to bring him to orgasm!
This thought gave me shivers of lust and I quickly took his hard member
out, his eyes were on my breasts, longing to see them again. I moved my
body with grace and soon the straps were on my shoulders, nearly falling of
my arms.

My hand was gently jerking him off, making him even harder. The
movement caused the straps to finally fall, only my upturned and firm bosom
kept the top from sliding to my hips. "Do you want to see my boobies? Do
you like them?" I couldn't believe I was talking like that! But my pussy
was already dripping wet!

When he nodded I moved my body a little harder and had my top fall, my
firm C-cups in full view, the big hard nipples pointing to his eyes. His
hands went to them and in a few moments he was cupping and fondling my jugs
with delight.

I was so proud of my big tits! How the nerdy guy loved to knead and
fondle them... God! What was I doing?! I was standing in front of a guy
I've never seen before, jerking his cock and his hands were fondling my

In the last months I had this weird hots for feeling strangers cumming!
Hand and blow jobs had always been a reward for my boyfriends, but now I
was making it with lots of guys, I felt like I was born to give them

I had a small orgasm from the look in his face, I was high with
pleasure, I have cum twice as I jerked him! Then he suddenly groaned and
started to ejaculate, gosh I wasn't ready for it! I felt his jism spurting
right into my belly, even reaching my breasts.

I moved my other hand to cup the tip of his erupting cock and I
collected there the rest of his jism. God! My left hand was literally
dripping with the ejaculate! And I could feel globs of it laying
splattered across my fingers, I also felt the hot spunk on my stomach and
bellow my boobs. Still feeling very aroused I grinned impishly, smiling at
him with my best nasty little girl face.

I raised my left hand and had his semen flow to my mouth, then I used my
fingers to collected the sperm from my belly and melons and brought it to
my mouth time after time. I only stopped to lick and suck the hot goo from
my fingers. The more I did it, the more I liked the taste of sperm, it
didn't seem vile anymore. When I was finally cleared, I swallowed it all.

The guy was exhausted and, as far as I could notice, very satisfied. I
got on my feet again and just walked away. Weird as it was been this
sudden outbursts of pure nastiness have been the hottest things I've had in
my life!

On the way home I started to think about it and suddenly it was not so
nice anymore. I realized how much I had humiliated and degraded myself to
this stranger, the situation was unreal and I had acted like a slut again!
I had always liked to tease, but I had never done such a dirty thing
before! Why I was starting to be so hot about this dirty conduct?

By the time I was entering the door to my room I was already crying
softly, trying to forget what happened and promising to myself I would
never do it again.

Keys: Mf incest teasing

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