Teen sex in hospital - sex story

Teen sex in hospital

So at a time in my life drugs were around a lot and I ended up in rehab, so did Emily. And we made rehab fun. I didn't want to be there. Forced to go to 30 days inpatient rehab because I got caught with an 8 ball of coke.

The first person I saw was a blonde girl, skinny small perky boobs, I knew something would happen. A few days go by and I'm sitting outside alone and she comes and sits with me, we talk about why we ended up there, about our life's and other stuff, I was 19 she was 27. She liked to write notes, she would give them to the people she knew there. It was fun. But one day she wrote me one. In it she said 'your really cute, I'd love to get to know you'. We kinda started flirting and joking around which led to holding hands. One day I made a joke about her kissing me and after I said it she actually kissed me. Later that night she was doing laundry and I just so happen to walk by, we close the door and shut off the light and hold eachother while we made out, her tongue deep in my mouth, I liked it, I reached down and touched her pussy, she was soaking wet before I even put my hand on her. Another patient caught us so we stopped for the night, the next day she gave me a note and the front said read alone in your room. I went to my room and opened it. 'Dear zach, after you touched my pussy in the laundry room, I want more of you, I want you to fuck me. I want to suck your cock then lay down and take your cock in me'. I couldn't believe what I just read. The next morning, I woke up to a tickle feeling on my dick, I open my eyes and Emily had snuck in my room and woke me up with a blow job. She got in my bed and I fingered her pussy, she was suckkng on my neck. I raised her shirt so I could see her small perky tits, and sucked her nipples. I didn't want to get caught so we went into the bathroom, turned the shower on, my bed blankets on the floor and her pussy getting fucked by my cock. I had to cover her mouth she was moaning so loud. I asked her where she wanted my cum, 'inside my pussy' she said, i fucked her hard and fast, then came deep inside her pussy. She closed her eyes as soon as I came, she was feeling my warm cum shoot inside and slide deep in her. She whispered 'I came 3 times'. We stood up and before she left we made out some more. 'That was one of the best fucks I've ever had, your better than any of the 30 yr old guys I've been with'. Then she left. The day that she was going home, she cried because I think she was starting to like me. Before she had to leave, went went to the long stair case, no one ever uses and she held her shorts to the side and I fucked her pussy one more time. She made me go until I came so she could have my cum in her once more. And that was the last time I ever saw my beautiful blonde Emily. I but I can never forget how amazing the sex was

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