The lady of my dreams, now my wife - sex story

The lady of my dreams, now my wife

She first visited me in a dream when I was in my teens. I don't recall
exactly when, as it was many years ago. I remember catching just a
glimpse of this beautiful naked woman with piles of long hair. The
image was in shades of purple and was still with me when I awoke. That's
all there was at first. Just an image with no movement and no other
figures. When I woke up I had a raging hard on, but that was not unusual.

The lady of my dreams continued to visit me from time to time with no
change in the dream. Then after several months I noticed the image was
clearer and I could see she was modestly covering part of her nakedness
with a blanket. It took several nights for me to realize it was my
beach blanket. There was still no movement and she was still alone. I
never failed to have an erection when I awoke from the dream.

As time passed the image began to change. It was no longer shades of
purple. It passed through several tones of purple to yellow and red and
after much time showed up one night in full lifelike color. The lady
was even more beautiful. Her hair was blonde and there was more of it
than I had ever seen on any one woman before. It fell nearly to her waist.
Her eyes were blue and her lips a light shade of red. She seemed to have
little or no makeup on. By this time I had been dreaming of the lady
for two or three years. Though I was no longer a teenager, I still awoke
with an erection. Oddly enough, even though very stimulated by this
dream, I never had a wet dream about her.

There was never any pattern to the dream. It came at irregular
intervals. I might have it two nights in a row and then not have it
again for weeks. It seemed that whenever I thought it was gone for
good, it returned. And over time it continued to change.

One big change was the night I was in the dream for the first time. I
was lying, naked on a sandy beach. She was standing over me, watching.
My dick was visible and I could see it was hard and ready. But the lady
made no move toward me and it seemed I could not move or speak. As
always the dream was short and that was all I saw. I continued to
awaken with a pounding erection after each dream. But I never came during

The dream slowly progressed. After several instances of just watching
me the lady finally moved. She leaned over me and dragged her hair along
my body from head to toe. My erection pounded even more as her hair moved
slowly over it. I wanted this lady more than any I ever knew. But in my
dream, she was in charge and seemed in no hurry to act on my desires.

At long last my lady started to caress my body with her hand as well as
her hair. At first her hand didn't touch my genitals, but touched
almost all the rest of my body. And that hair still excited me more than
anything. The very light touch of that long blonde hair was almost, but
not quite enough to make me cum.

By now I was in my mid twenties and still having the dream. I didn't
tell anyone about it. It was my secret. The night came when she touched
my dick. It was a soft touch, but lasted a long time as she moved her
fingers along the shaft and over the head. She held my balls in the
palm of her hand and rolled them around in my scrotum. When the dream
ended and I woke up I was amazed that I had not cum. I was ready and it
only took a few seconds of my own hand to bring me off. I kept hoping
that she would continue to advance her actions until we made love.

It was a hope not realized for years as she continued to tease me and
arouse me with her hair and fingers. The dream got longer as she
increased the things she did to me. But still I could not talk and she
was in control. Then one night she leaned down and placed a soft kiss
on the head of my dick just as the dream ended. I dashed to the bathroom
and barely touched myself before I came, and came, and came.

I told myself that it was only a matter of time until she let me make
love to her. The dream had progressed to the point where she was doing
all the things that aroused me, every time. Then she added more. She
actually took my dick into her warm, moist mouth. I could feel her
tongue on the underside of the head as she sucked gently. But the dream
ended there. Again I was left wanting more.

I was thirty-four when she started to suck on my dick. The dream didn't
progress any further. In the dream I still couldn't talk but begged her
silently to let me cum. It never happened. I still had the dream on and
off. But no change took place for about a year. Then everything

I was in a clothing store trying to find a tie that would go with my
best suit. I needed to make a good impression on a customer of my
company. It would be a very big account and was important. I looked and
looked through all the ties and found nothing that would work. Then I
heard a low soft voice behind me.

"May I help you?"

I turned around to ask about ties and there she was. It was the lady
from my dream, standing there in front of me, live and in color. My
mouth dropped open and I stared at her beautiful hair and figure. I
pictured her in my mind as she was in my dream, naked. My dick sprang
to full erection and tented in my pants. I was too dazed to cover it.
Her eyes slowly traveled down my body to the tent at my crotch. I
realized that she was looking at my dick and in that moment I came in
my pants. The wet stain was clearly evident almost at once as the tent

"I think you already have."

It was all I could say in my embarrassed state. She smiled and motioned
to the rest room at the back of the store. I thanked her and went to
clean up. When I returned she asked me again if she could help me, this
time adding "find something?"

I told her I had a story to tell her that I thought she might find
interesting. She hesitated but then accepted my invitation to go out
for coffee. As we sat and drank our coffee I told her of my dream. She
didn't believe me at first but as I filled in the details she began to
accept it as true. She was amazed that she had been in my dream all
that time as a grown woman looking as she did when I met her. She hadn't
looked that way until about a year before.

The dream never returned.

We became friends. We dated for a while and became closer as time went
by. Then, after we had been going out for about six months, she made my
dream come true.

We were at a deserted section of beach with no other people around. It
was secluded and so when she suggested we skinny dip, I agreed. After a
while we came out of the water and I stretched out on our blanket. I
expected her to join me.

Instead she leaned over me and dragged her long blonde hair over my
body. She reached down and caressed my body with the tips of her
fingers. She touched my dick and then felt it from top to bottom. She
stroked me as if she was masturbating me and then leaned over again and
gently kissed the head of my dick. Then, looking up at me, she took it
into her mouth, sucking gently and running her tongue along the
underside of the head. She sucked for a bit and moved her head up and
down until she sensed that I was close to my climax.

She acted out my dream in every detail as I had described it to her.
Then she took it to the next step. She moved her leg over me and
straddled my hips. Then reaching down and taking hold of my dick she
placed it at the entrance to her cunt and sat down on it. I was
engulfed in a tight warm pussy that I had dreamed about for years. She
fucked me to orgasm. A tremendous orgasm, the like of which I had never
had before. The years of waiting had been worth it.

Yes, my apparition had come to life and made my dream come true. And
the lady of my dreams, now my wife, continues to make that dream come
true over and over again.

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