The mating clinic - sex story

The mating clinic

"Good morning, may I help you?"

Karen regarded the receptionist uncertainly. "Er, I have
an appointment for this morning. It's Karen Condrey."

While the receptionist consulted her records, Karen
regarded her surroundings with approval. The walls were
decorated in pale shades of cream and beige and large
windows looked out on to an attractively landscaped
garden, giving an impression of spaciousness and light.
On the wall opposite there hung a large landscape
depicting nymphs and water sprites in the style of the
Morandian Thespiasts, which had recently come into vogue
again amongst the fashionable set.

"Cardington ... Clevin ... Condrey. Yes, here it is."
The receptionist frowned then looked up, "There's no
record of a mating type though."

"I wasn't sure at the time." Karen's reply was delivered
with an overtone of embarrassment.

"Ah, then you may wish to discuss this aspect with one
of our counsellors. You may wait in the room to your

Karen thanked her and stepped across to the room
indicated. A painting of creatures from classical
mythology hung on a wall adjacent to the single window.
The room was furnished with three comfortable chairs
arranged around a low table. Karen selected a chair and
glanced idly through a magazine lying on the table.
Presently she was joined by a young woman in the formal
dress of the clinic staff.

"Good morning, I am Ailsa Hardy," she smiled as she drew
up a chair opposite Karen. "I understand that you have
not yet decided upon a stud."

"That is correct," replied Karen. "Perhaps you could
explain the options."

"Of course. The clinic offers several distinct services.
Our standard programme, which we also call the `One
Star' consists of a single mating on each of three
consecutive days during your most fertile period. You
may choose from any of our male studs or may elect to
have artificial insemination if you prefer."

"I see. What do most people do?"

"Well a traditional physical mating is the most popular
of course and we do attach importance to being
fertilised in the right atmosphere and mood. It is
difficult to achieve such conditions with an artificial
insemination but despite that, I must say that a certain
percentage of our clientele opt for this method.

"However, a few years ago there was something of a
scandal involving stored semen. You might remember
hearing about it. It involved substituting an inferior
semen for the type claimed then charging for the quality
product. There was an outcry and ever since, artificial
insemination has been looked upon with a certain
suspicion. Naturally," she hastened to add, "our own
semen is beyond reproach, and procedures have been
adopted to prevent a recurrence of the fraud."

She went on, "In our clinic we employ only proven studs
of excellent quality. Their genetic background is
thoroughly researched and a detailed analysis is
available to you on request. By the way, are you

Karen nodded, "But like all our friends, my husband is
sterile. It took us a while to establish this as," she
hesitated with a trace of embarrassment, "he can only
manage a mating once in two or three months."

Ailsa nodded, "Yes, that is normal. Recent research
shows that at present, about ten percent of the male
population is capable of impregnating a woman but only
about two percent with any degree of certainty - hence
our clinics." She smiled wanly, "Consequently when a
virile male is discovered there is some lively
competition to engage his services in one of the
agencies. Not all accept," she mused. "Some prefer
freelance fucking, as the saying goes, and although
their fee is generally smaller than the clinics there is
a much greater risk of inheriting an unsuitable genetic

"I have heard that the studs are tireless in their
work," Karen ventured. "How is this possible when normal
men can manage so little?"

Ailsa continued: "There is a ready explanation. We have
developed a range of hormones and potions which give a
greatly augmented sexual capacity as well as encouraging
a vigorous lust in our studs. Each clinic guards its
secret recipes jealously although in practice and just
between ourselves, they work to much the same effect."

"With such an effective treatment, why then, is this
programme not made available to our husbands?"

Ailsa considered a moment. "It has been tried of course,
but generally with disappointing results. The programme
augments mating capacity but there has to be a certain
threshold level to start with. Most of the male
population fall below this threshold so in their case
the treatment is ineffective. Another factor is cost.
The ingredients are highly priced and the expense lies
beyond the capacity of most ordinary citizens."

"I see. What effect would these treatments have on

"I'm not sure if I understand what you mean," Ailsa

Karen flushed slightly then went on, "I mean the part
that `promotes desire'. Does that work on women too?"

"Not exactly, but for this purpose we employ different
ingredients which are effective with females. These aids
are available to our clients at a small extra charge,
and in a range of strengths to suit different
temperaments. Some ladies who would ordinarily be
embarrassed or even repelled at prospect of mating with
a stranger have reported very satisfactory results with
our Number Three Enhancer. Our most vigorous is the
Number Five product but that is normally available only
to clients taking the Two or Three Star course - which I
have not explained to you yet so perhaps I had better do
so now."

"Our standard service, as I mentioned earlier, consists
of a single mating on each of three days. The actual
impregnation takes less than ten minutes. This suits the
busy executive who attaches small importance to personal
gratification and has limited time for dalliance. It
also suits those ladies who, for various moral reasons,
feel that they should not enjoy a mating. However,
clients of this category are in the minority."

"Our Two Star treatment is standard and involves half-
day mating sessions over the three days of your most
fertile period. This is a very popular programme and on
each half-day you would be serviced around half a dozen
times or more depending on your wishes. The use of
appropriate enhancers can add considerably to the
quality of your experience. Fertilisation rate is high
for this option."

"Our most comprehensive course is the Three Star
programme. This involves living-in during the three days
of your mating. During this time the client will be
repeatedly serviced by the stud of her choice in
comfortable, luxurious surroundings and in an atmosphere
of romance and relaxation. With this course you may
specify matings with more than one stud although of
course this involves additional expense. Some of our
more wealthy clients have elected to be serviced at
random by a half dozen studs of their choosing. The
element of uncertainty about who is responsible when
impregnation takes place is said to add a further
piquant flavour to the experience."

Karen nodded, but did not trust herself to a reply.

"Now then, I see you are booked for a Two Star mating.
You may change your mind and upgrade to the Three Star
if you wish?"

"Thank you, but no. I fear the Three Star course is
beyond my means."

"Very well." Ailsa rose and retrieved an album from a
nearby cupboard. "We have three dozen studs available at
present, which makes our clinic one of the largest. You
have a good choice of qualities." She opened the album.
Each page depicted a young male both dressed and
unclothed, together with a brief description of his
antecedents, skills, intelligence, physical attributes,
muscular co-ordination educational accomplishments and
entries in various other categories.

Karen studied each page carefully. She had discussed
this carefully with her husband and together they had
drawn up a list of preferred qualities in the male who
would service her. Eventually she settled on three
possibles from the album.

Ailsa nodded approvingly. "Yes they are each of
excellent background. Additionally, they are available
now. Would you like a viewing?"

"Yes, if you please."

Ailsa rose and Karen accompanied her to the reception
counter where the Advisor consulted a register. As they
made their way along a corridor Ailsa paused
periodically at a viewport set in the wall and beckoned
Karen to look within. Each window looked in to
tastefully furnished rooms with a low table, chairs, a
dining alcove and sundry pictures, sculptures and nick-
knacks according to the whim of the stud. Dominating the
furnishings was a large double bed. Ailsa pointed to
doors leading to an adjacent bath and shower room. Some
of the rooms were occupied, others were not.

The first viewport they came to, as it happened, showed
the room occupied by a fit looking young man with a
young woman in the white coat of a laboratory technician
sitting opposite him. They were laughing at some amusing
interchange between themselves. To Karen's surprise and
somewhat to her embarrassment, the young male could be
seen masturbating in a leisurely manner as he spoke. A
moment later he reached forward urgently with one hand
and in response, the laboratory assistant rose quickly.
In her outstretched hand was a small jar. The young man
became tense, and urgently tugging himself with quick
strokes, ejaculated heavily into the jar. Again there
was an exchange of banter and they laughed again. The
technician covered the jar with a lid then turned to

"What is the purpose of these windows, then?" Karen
asked in a bewildered tone. "Surely they would want

Ailsa reassured her. "Not at all. We have no secrets
here and besides, many women like to preview different
studs in action before settling on a final choice. Then
again, many bring their husbands. Some husbands have an
old-fashioned reluctance to allow their wives to be
serviced by a third party. The viewports provide a
reassurance that their wives are engaging only in the
minimal technicalities. Apart from that, most husbands
show a lively interest in the matings of other women,
which of course, they are free to observe."

The next room was empty but at the end of the passage
Ailsa paused and indicated to Karen a mating in
progress. Both participants were naked and were writhing
on the double bed in the throes of a considerable
passion. The woman would have been perhaps twenty-two
years, short and dark haired with an olive complexion
but (and this surprised Karen), with clear blue eyes.
The stud serving her was of medium height and sturdy
build, with short fair hair and a muscular physique. His
penis was stiffly erect and the woman was stroking it as
he kissed and fondled her body.

Karen would not normally consider herself a voyeur but
to her surprised consternation she felt herself
responding as the two lovers clung and caressed each
other. Karen cast a nervous sidelong glance at Ailsa.
The counsellor was completely absorbed in the scene
before them, and when Karen turned her gaze back into
the room, she could see the stud now above his client
who had parted her legs to receive him. A moment later
he entered her thighs and they were locked together in a
passionate thrusting. Karen felt herself becoming wet in
a sympathetic response. She hastily turned away.

"I can't understand what's come over me, I'm not
normally like this."

Ailsa regarded her with sympathetic amusement. "There's
a simple explanation. I put an enhancer in your coffee."
Then seeing Karen's indignant look, went on without
pausing, "It's standard practice. Everyone here does it.
Some clients are modest, shy or just plain scared. One
enhancer and we sometimes have to prise them away from
the viewports." Ailsa consulted a card in her hand.
"Here we are, the first stud of your choice. He has a
client with him now - look!"

Karen looked. She recognised Adrian from his photograph
earlier. A male in his early thirties, slightly taller
than medium height, dark hair and pleasant, clean cut
features. Unlike the muscular build of the stud in the
previous room, Adrian's limbs were slender. She looked
more closely and confirmed what the photo had revealed,
Adrian had an unusually large penis; it was stiffly
erect now as his client a woman in her late thirties
prepared to kneel astride him.

Karen had observed this feature with only mild interest
at the time she chose him, basing her decision, so she
told herself, on his very satisfactory genetic profile.
Now, with the liberating effects of the enhancer working
in her body, such details became of immediate interest.
Karen felt embarrassment falling away and her own
arousal growing. The client had impaled herself on his
cock and was enthusiastically working herself to a
noisy, uninhibited and voluptuous orgasm.

Suddenly Karen caught sight of another figure seated to
one side of the bed. Ailsa nodded, "Yes, it's the
client's daughter. They are well off and the daughter
has come for her first mating also."

"But so young?"

"Fifteen is old enough to breed, and her mother tells me
she is keen! Now here is your next alternative,
conveniently located next door to Adrian's chambers."
Karen looked through the viewport. The genetic profile
was excellent but the stud's appearance did not
particularly appeal. Rohdan was a heavyset male in his
twenties with features that would have been handsome had
they not been marred by a tendency to coarseness. His
body was liberally covered with hair. He was talking to
a client as they looked in.

"Where is the other one?" Karen enquired.

Ailsa consulted her card and led the way to a wing
extending from the main corridor to the east. As they
walked Ailsa pointed to a room on their right. "Those
are the premises of Marvin Kettler. He has perhaps the
most brilliant genetic profile we have ever seen. Women
just flock to get his penis between their legs, but
unfortunately there's a slight problem."

"Oh, and what is that," Karen enquired.

"Marvin fucks with reluctance. He has the capacity but
apparently he's just not interested. This is a big
problem for us as he is greatly in demand by our

"I imagine it would get pretty boring," Karen thought to
herself but aloud she asked, "So how to you resolve the

Ailsa became animated, "We have to employ teasers. It's
a pain, but he's far too important to let go." When she
saw Karen's blank look she went on, "You know, like they
do with horses. You don't know about horses?"

Karen shook her head.

"Okay, well when the mare is in heat but shows a
reluctance to accept the stallion's rather direct
advances they bring in a gelding to warm her up - you
know - get her sexually excited. Then when she's good
and ready, they whip the gelding away and the stallion
at once gets into her. It works out rather well."

"Surely you don't mean they use eunuchs or whatever they
call them, to get his clients going?" Karen sounded

"No, no. They're not eunuchs, just males who have been
given a good dose of Erectyron to augment their
capabilities. They can do everything but actually
fertilise the client. This they leave to Marvin who
comes in at the last minute, once the woman is
thoroughly aroused, gets his cock into her with very
little ceremony and impregnates her with his sperm. If
you ever get to see Marvin in action you would know why
they need teasers. He's not what you would call an avid
enthusiast and his manner is clinical, to say the least.
The clients don't complain though because the teasers
are good and they're VERY enthusiastic about their work.

Karen was glad she hadn't settled upon such an exalted
breeding line but her reflections were cut short as
Ailsa stopped outside room 23. Looking through the
window Karen was surprised to observe a housewife from
her own street kneeling in the centre of the bed, with a
tall man of rather striking appearance and a shock of
red hair kneeling above her, enthusiastically
penetrating her from the rear, after the manner of a dog
and bitch. Karen was mildly shocked as she had formed
the impression that Maya was somewhat conservative in
matters of sex; evidently she had been mistaken!

However as the stud withdrew his penis from her Karen
stared more closely then turned to Ailsa. "I'm sure he
had it up her bum. Surely she doesn't expect to get
pregnant that way?"

Ailsa smiled deprecatingly, "We don't dictate where they
put it. If that's what appeals to her and the stud is
willing it's none of our business.'

Karen responded flatly, "I've already made my choice. I
have selected Adrian."

"Very well, let us return to his rooms. Shall we have a
coffee and wait in here until they are finished?" Ailsa
indicated a small anteroom.

Comfortably reclining on the couch Ailsa became more
expansive and genial as she described highlights from
the clinic's working routine. Strangely, Karen felt
herself attracted to this self-assured young woman. Was
she married, Karen wondered? The conversation turned to
the topic of Adrian's servicing of mother and daughter.
"Do you mean that she will be mated straight after her

"Probably," said Ailsa. "You have to remember that the
studs have been assisted by potent aphrodisiacs. Some
respond to them better than others, but with all, they
are in a more or less constant state of erection and can
easily fuck half a dozen times in a row."

"That wasn't what I meant exactly. I mean both doing it
in the same room at the same time."

Ailsa shifted on the couch, her short dress riding up
somewhat and revealing slender, shapely legs. Ailsa was
looking at her quizzically, "We get all sorts coming in
here. A double fucking is cheaper than each getting it
on separate occasions. Maybe they are constrained by
motives of economy!"

Ailsa paused, then went on, "Then again, some of our
wealthy clients visit regularly for `personal
satisfaction' if you know what I mean. They have no
intention of getting themselves pregnant but they enjoy
the pretense of trying! We're not supposed to cater for
this, but it happens all the time. Who's to say what's
genuine and what is not? Let's face it, our men are
getting less potent all the time." She laid a hand
conspiratorially upon Karen's knee, "So where's the harm
in enjoying some vigorous cock when you can get it, eh?"

This is crazy Karen thought to herself. Whether it was
the effect of the enhancer or the nearness of Ailsa's
magnetically animal attractions she did not know, but
there was no denying the sudden surge she felt as she
took in the prominent curve of Ailsa's breasts, her
smooth, flawless complexion and her warm, inviting

Karen felt herself becoming wet again. There seemed to
be a pounding in her ears. She turned to Ailsa and
confessed, "It's so good of you to tell me these things
... I ..." What was it she wanted to say.

Ailsa was smiling at her now. She straightened her legs
from beneath her and drew Karen against her in a
comforting embrace. Suddenly Karen wanted more than
anything else in the world to become even closer. A part
of her stood back and watched in astonishment, but the
feelings were too strong - too immediate and when Ailsa
turned, Karen reached towards her and their lips joined
in a passionate kiss. For a moment Karen felt giddy and
wondered if Ailsa had put another enhancer in her
coffee. Probably, she thought, but somehow it didn't
seem to matter right now.

Presently Ailsa got to her feet and led Karen into a
vacant mating room. It was smaller than the others she
had seen and somewhat to her relief there was no viewing
window. Ailsa undressed revealing a shapely figure and
Karen followed suit as if in a dream. They embraced
again and Ailsa led her to the bed and they lay
together. Once or twice the thought of making love with
another woman had passed through Karen's mind but it was
more curiosity than desire. She knew some of her friends
enjoyed this form of intimacy but Karen had never felt
strongly enough about the prospect to actually seek it
out. Right now, though, she was so aroused by Ailsa's
caresses and intimacies that it filled her whole
consciousness with a searing hunger.

Karen responded eagerly to the other woman's embrace.
She felt her nipples being fondled and sucked, sending
shivers down her tummy and as she in turn suckled at
Ailsa's breasts she found her kisses seeking the smooth
skin beneath them, lower until beneath the dark triangle
at Ailsa's thighs the glistening lips of her feminine
slit lay open for her, inviting ...

Karen felt her legs part as Ailsa's head sought between
them and suddenly she was both suckling at Ailsa's cunt
and in turn being sucked by her. They clung together,
darting tongues exploring each other in a rising
crescendo of passion. The little shivers of exquisite
sensation when Ailsa's tongue probed a specially
sensitive place were coming closer now, almost
continuously ... then her whole body jerked as she

Ailsa looked at her across the low table. It seemed hard
to believe that just minutes ago they had been lovers.
"I hope you are not offended," Ailsa was saying. "This
is definitely not on the official agenda, but I was
attracted to you from the moment I first saw you, and
the atmosphere in this place tends to, well, promote
thoughts of `intimacy', you know."

"I don't mind. Anyway it's a bit late for regets now,
isn't it?" Karen was confused by a conflict of emotions.
She did not regret what she had done, that much was
sure, but was surprised at herself for even considering
it let alone desiring it. "Could we see if Adrian is
back yet?"

But Adrian was not in his room so the pair amused
themselves until his return by looking through the
viewport of the room next to his, which most definitely
was occupied. `They must be One Star customers,' Karen
mused to herself as they observed three clients enter
and leave the room in quick succession. The routine
appeared to be a few minutes of pleasant conversation
then the woman would start to undress. When she was
naked the stud, a genial man with a prematurely balding
head, waved her to the bed and at once commenced the
mating. If the client was not ready, he would spend a
few moments licking at her cunt to promote lubrication
or perhaps to provide it, Karen could not be sure. Then
he would ease himself down between her legs and insert
his penis into her thighs. Apparently he could climax
very quickly. After what seemed to be minimal thrusting
he would withdraw, his penis dripping and would smile
politely at the client as she dressed.

Ailsa explained, "Actually he's a lot better than he
looks and his success rate is high. He ejaculates
copiously and his spurts are so vigorous they go right
up into your womb." Then seeing Karen's mystified looks,
continued: "I know because I was one of the ones he
screwed the day he started here. All the studs have to
go through a `practical' after they have been thoroughly
examined and vetted. This is to make sure that are
potent and that they have no annoying habits that might
offend our clients. As I say, I was not all that
impressed with his appearance but oh my God, once he got
his cock into me it was a different matter - it was like
a live snake thrashing about between my legs and I came
again and again. When we compared notes afterwards the
other girls said the same thing. Not only that, but he
shot his spunk into me so hard and there was so much of
it that I had it trickling down my legs all afternoon.
It's a wonder I didn't get pregnant."

Ailsa paused then continued with an amused chuckle,
"There were five of us. Did I mention that? Anyway he
got three of us pregnant. That was unheard of at a
testing. Naturally he was hired on the spot."

"What about the girls who got pregnant," Karen asked

"There was no problem. Two of them had come to the end
of their term of office here and were more than happy to
start a family. The other girl, well she was my
daughter, sixteen at the time and her first fuck. As it
happened she had started with the clinic only a week
before and normally she wouldn't have been eligible for
a trial servicing, but they were short staffed at the
time and, well she was willing so that's the way it
happened. Now she has a beautiful daughter and is living
with us until she finds her own young man. Given her
circumstances, that won't be too hard!"

Karen turned back to the viewport. The clients were
varied. The first, evidently a lady of importance from
the cut of her expensive suit. She appeared to be in her
mid thirties. Long hair drawn back in a bun gave her
face a somewhat severe expression. "Definitely not a
candidate for enhancers," giggled Karen to herself. The
stud led her to the bed. In response to a question she
shook her head, lying under him with a minimum of
expression as he put his cock into her. Her only
evidence of participation was the faint flush of colour
that came to her cheeks when she felt the stud's climax
jetting in her thighs. She dressed quickly, thanked him
tersely and left.

The next was younger woman, maybe a newly married girl.
She seemed neither embarrassed nor overly interested but
responded to the stud's caresses readily enough when he
kissed her shapely breasts, and his kisses lower down
brought a blush of response to her face. All things
considered, Karen judged that she enjoyed the
proceedings. The mating did not take particularly long,
but was sufficient to bring her to a very `visible'
orgasm. Then it was over. She too dressed, and demurely
left the room.

Ailsa looked back at Adrian's window. He had returned.
She beckoned to Karen and led her into his room. The
introductions were brief. Adrian greeted her with a
pleasant enough grace and an interest that seemed
genuine. Karen wondered at how they maintained an
affability for the countless people calling upon the
stud's services. Was it genuine? Surely they must find
some who did not interest them. What then?

"Well, I must be going. See you two lovebirds later."
Ailsa smiled knowingly, then withdrew and the door
closed behind her.

Karen turned to the man who would presently be mating
with her, and regarded him with interest. The effects of
the enhancer were still strongly on her and it idly
passed through Karen's mind that perhaps her eager
counsellor had administered a double dose to make sure
of her affections.

At the man's bidding, Karen unfastened her blouse for
the second time that morning, discarded it and slipped
out of her skirt which she folded neatly over the back
of a chair. The sight of her nude body had a stimulating
effect on Adrian. He ushered her to the bathroom and for
a time they soaked in the water's warmth but as he led
her towards the bed she could see that he was rapidly
becoming hard. The bed was surprisingly soft yet did not
yield much, `all the better for screwing' thought Karen
with a giggle.

She lay back in its softness and let the stud fondle and
caress her to a desire for him. He was kneeling above
her now and all at once an unusual thought occurred to
her. Nobody had said anything about fellating so she
wasn't sure whether it was `not done', but on an impulse
she leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth.
Adrian seemed momentarily surprised, but he did not
object. He remained half crouched above her as she began
to suck, feeling his hardness filling her mouth.

Then he turned about and sank down until he was lying by
her side. She felt his hand brush against the tops of
her thighs and her legs parted slightly to feel his
finger tracing the outline of her slit. She was very wet
now. He turned her until she was lying on her stomach,
then edged beneath her body and as he did so Karen felt
her legs fall on either side of his upturned face. He
kissed her against her slit then she felt his tongue
penetrate her lips in a languid lapping. As she lay
straddling his body her own lips lay almost against his
cock and so once more she took him in her mouth and
began to suck. For a time they clung together in a
passionate embrace; Karen felt herself rising on a wave
of pleasure as the insistent darting of Adrian's tongue
urged her higher and higher. She sucked him hungrily
then shuddered in an orgasm as her mouth suddenly filled
with the warm rush of Adrian's climax.

For a time they lay in a drowsy intimacy then Adrian
came above her with an urgent stiffness, wanting her,
and as she clung to him the swollen shaft slid into her
thighs in a rhythmic thrusting and again impregnated her
with his sex.

Karen tried to imagine what it was like when men and
women shared equal capacities in marriage, but
eventually gave up the effort. Some part of her could
comprehend it because researchers had proved it was so
but it seemed remote from everyday experience. After
all, did not one bull take care of many cows, and one
stallion many mares? It was repeated everywhere in
nature; how natural then for a chosen few breeders to
service the female population and let the rest of them
get on with the tasks of living. As time went on the
breeders became more adapted to their specialty. It
almost seemed that in the demands placed on them, they
drained the psychic energy of the rest of the male
population leaving them impotent in order to fuel their
own abundance. Of course the special drugs helped, but
perhaps not so much as was made out, or so Karen
suspected. Karen wondered whether anyone was looking in
the viewport. Her senses were filled with male sex and
her body seemed vibrant and alive.

Suddenly she didn't really care - in fact the
possibility of a voyeur gave her a mild thrill of
amusement. Let them watch!

Her reverie was abruptly ended as Adrian came to her
again, his cock stiffly erect and ardent for her body.
`I don't believe it,' she thought, but of course she
did, because as he came nearer, she spread her legs for
him and felt his bigness filling her vagina as he
penetrated her once more to the hilt. For a time they
lay together in a passion and fucked and Karen lost all
sense of time while she drifted in and out of a haze of
wet pulsings coming in her thighs and the orgasmic
tremors that periodically wracked her body. Her cunt was
now dripping with what seemed the aftermath of a dozen
ejaculations and her mouth tasted of male sex where she
had first fellated him. This time the sensations of his
thrusting were very intense. When he climaxed she felt
Adrian's spurting coming deep in her thighs and she
cried out and shuddered in her orgasm and at the same
time knew, that at that moment, she had been impregnated
with a new life.

They had been talking for the past quarter of an hour.
It must be time soon to leave. On an impulse Karen said,
"I saw a friend in another room just before I came in
here. She was getting it up her bottom. I was surprised
because I didn't think she would be interested in such a
thing." Karen's voice trailed off, but after a moment
added, "It made me wonder what it felt like - would you

"Of course, if you want. You don't need to feel hesitant
about it. Quite a few ladies like it that way and
specifically ask for it." He turned over. "Lie on your
stomach. No. like this."

The stud grasped Karen's hips and drew them upwards
until there was enough room to slip a pillow underneath.
He was gone for a moment and when he returned she felt
his cock probing at her bottom. "Just try to relax. It's
often a bit uncomfortable at first."

He was right. Karen drew a sharp breath inwards as his
penis urged slowly into her bottom. It definitely hurt.
Where was the pleasure in that? Perhaps she had made a
mistake. It was getting worse and she felt as though her
bottom were being split in two. Then when it seemed as
though she must cry out and withdraw, she felt the
weight of his body covering her back. A finger probing
between her legs slid into her cunt and lightly
pleasured it. Her whole pelvis seemed filled with an
alien hugeness. She didn't know whether the sensation
was pleasurable or distasteful.

Then Adrian began to thrust, slowly and only a little at
a time, but he was definitely up her bum. She forced
herself to relax as he kept whispering to her in
reassurance. His finger rolling around her clitoris gave
an exquisite sharpness of pleasure - then he urged the
rest of his cock into her until she had taken him up to
the hilt. Karen gave a sharp cry then felt a strange
pleasure spreading through her thighs as the thrusting
stimulated her in ways she had never known existed.
Higher and higher she rose in a mad spiral of ecstasy.
Adrian had urged more of his fingers into her cunt until
she was stretched to the limit in both openings and the
sensations induced in her a wild pleasure of abandon.
Her stud lover thrust urgently for a few moments paused
on the brink then exploded inside her in a hot pulsing.
Karen shrieked and shook uncontrollably in the throes of
an orgasm so total and overwhelming that she almost
fainted from the pleasure of it.

Finally Karen found the energy with rise from the bed.
She slowly began to dress. "I don't know where you get
the energy from," she marvelled. "I'm just about
completely wrung out."

Adrian smiled, "Unless I am mistaken, my next client is
peering through the viewport. I mustn't keep her
waiting. It's been a pleasure meeting you ... same time

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