The Swing Club - sex story

The Swing Club

Once they reached the door of the club, Mike covered Lacy's eyes with the blindfold.

"You are mine tonight," he whispered into her ear. "Mine to do with as I please."

He felt her shudder in his arms as he spoke.

"If I want you all to myself, I'll keep you to myself," he continued. "If I want to pass you around to any man who wants you, I'll pass you around. Do you understand?"

Lacy nodded. She knew her husband would never do anything to hurt her. She trusted him completely.

"Are you ready?" Mike asked.

Again she nodded.

Silently, Mike opened the door and led Lacy into the steamy swing club…

The week prior, Mike and Lacy were lying in bed discussing some of her fantasies. The discussion had led to a torrid love making session, and opened the door to living out one of her favorite secret fantasies: to be taken and used by her husband and a number of total strangers.

Mike had thought about it for a couple of days, then decided to take his wife to a nearby on-premise swing club. He told her of some of his plans, leaving what he actually was going to do once inside the club to her imagination.
Lacy dressed sexily for her husband. The hand-knit, backless, black dress accentuated her curves. She wore no brassiere as the straps would have been seen. A simple black lace garter belt held the shimmering black silk stockings in place, her feet covered by black patent leather high heels. At her husband's request, she wore no panties. She could already feel herself moisten as they entered the club…

Mike led his wife to a table and guided her into a chair.

"Relax," he whispered to her. "We'll have a drink while we warm up a bit."
Sliding into a chair beside her, Mike held her hand in his. He could feel her tremble as she nodded. A waitress approached the table and took their drink orders. She smiled broadly at Mike as he ordered for the couple.
"She's my captive this evening," he explained.

The waitress winked at him with a knowing grin as she went to get the order. A tall, blond gentleman stopped behind the couple and looked at Lacy. A questioning look appeared on his face as he looked to Mike for a clue as to her situation. Mike only smiled. The man suddenly grinned broadly and gestured toward her as if asking permission. Mike nodded his consent. Lacy gasped as she felt two hands suddenly touch her shoulders. She felt her cheeks redden as a kiss was suddenly felt on the top of her head. She squeezed her husband's hand gently, as if to confirm she was still holding it.

Her breathing deepened instantly as the hands began to slowly move forward and down her chest. Her nipples stiffened as the hands cupped her breasts. She dampened even more with each kiss on the top of her head. The hands soon traveled back up to her shoulders.

"I hope to see you in the party room later," the blond whispered to her as he backed away.

Lacy was beside herself. The sudden appearance and disappearance of the gentleman had excited her beyond belief. She turned her head toward her husband as if she could see him through the blindfold.

"This is driving me crazy," she quietly said.

"Good," Mike smiled. "That was the plan."

The waitress reappeared with their drinks and smiled even more broadly at the couple. Lacy kept her hand on the base of her wineglass, more out of nervousness than to find it. Mike sipped his drink, then leaned closer to his wife.

"After we finish these, we're going to go down the hall to the party room."

Lacy shivered at the thought. They had been to this club before, several times in fact, and she knew the party room well. It was basically a large gathering room, tastefully decorated with several large sofas and day beds. Thick, soft carpeting covered the floor, and several even thicker rugs were scattered throughout the open spaces. The room was the central focus of the club. Couples, threesomes, foursomes, and even moresomes participated in various sexual acts around the room at any given time. She felt her pulse quicken as she remembered some of the adventures they'd had there.

Mike looked across the bar and found the blond gentleman who had stopped by earlier. The young man was sitting at another table with four other men, all of whom appeared to be in their early 20's. He turned slightly and made eye contact with Mike. Mike smiled and nodded, raising his now empty glass. The blond nodded and smiled. Lacy tensed as she felt her husband release her hand and scoot his chair away from hers. He stood and leaned over his wife.

"Let's go," he whispered.

Lacy swallowed, then nodded. She felt her husband pull her chair away from the table as she stood. Mike held her close as he led her away from the table and toward the hallway leading to the party room. He nodded in the direction of the blond and his friends as they passed. The blond watched the couple disappear down the hall, and leaned forward to talk to his friends.

"Only a little further," Mike whispered to his wife as they approached the doorway leading to the party room. Lacy could already hear the exciting sounds of sex as they drew nearer.

"Tonight, you are mine to share with anyone who wants you," he began. "You will do as anyone asks of you." Lacy nodded as he continued, "No one will hurt you," he reassured her. "We are here for your pleasure, as well as mine."
She nodded once more.

Mike stopped his wife at the entrance to the room. "Are you ready to release all control and be pleasured by anyone who wants to have you?"

Lacy hesitated only a second before quietly saying, "Yes."

Mike led his wife into the party room and looked around. Several couples had already started, even for so early in the evening. A tiny blonde was riding the rather large cock of her rather tall companion over to one corner of the room. An older couple was taking up a sixty-nine position on one of the many rugs scattered around the room, and a group of three couples were involved in a 6-way daisy chain in the middle of the floor.

Wet, slurping sounds of sex filled the room as Mike led his wife to a day bed toward the center of the room. Kissing the back of his wife's neck, he unzipped the back of the dress. Lacy inhaled deeply as she felt her husband back away from her and pull the dress over her head. Her pert breasts jutted out, her nipples instantly becoming erect as she was revealed to the room.

Several men looked Lacy's way as Mike carefully folded her dress and laid it on a nearby table. Her breasts heaved and her nipples visibly stiffened as the men looked her over. Mike took her in his arms from behind. Burying his face in the back of her neck, his hands roamed her body. He gently stroked her flat tummy with one hand as the other cupped a breast.

"I'm going to share you with every man here tonight," he teased her as his hand slid down to her curly brown pubic mound.

He slowly turned her around in his arms and kissed her deeply. Their tongues chased each other as she felt his stiffening cock press against her tummy through the material of his slacks. Breaking the kiss, Mike slowly guided her to sit down on the day bed. He stepped between her legs and briefly held her close before releasing her to begin unbuttoning his shirt.

Lacy felt her labia part as her legs opened to allow Mike to stand close to her. The cool air increased the sensitivity of her moistening sex. Lacy felt her husband's hands on the back of her head pulling her forward against his suddenly bare stomach. She inhaled his scent as he stroked her shoulders. As she kissed his taut stomach, she ran an exploratory hand up the inside of his leg to his now erect cock. She cupped the bulge in his slacks and shivered in anticipation.

She reveled in the feeling of his hands as they traveled down her back. The blindfold only served to heighten her remaining senses. The sounds of love making filled her ears as she found the zipper to Mike's slacks. Lacy jumped slightly as she suddenly felt another pair of masculine hands cup her breasts from behind. Another pair of hands suddenly appeared on her thighs, gently stroking their way from the knee to within just inches of her now steaming sex.

Her husband's erection suddenly brushed against her lips as she opened her legs wider, inviting the hands to make contact with her pussy. Parting her lips, she sucked the head of her husband's erect cock deep into her mouth, relishing the slightly salty taste and velvety texture of the engorged cock. The hands holding her breasts gently held her rock hard nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through her. She inhaled sharply through her nostrils as a hand slipped up her thigh and a fingertip slowly slid into her already excited pussy.

Lacy closed her eyes beneath the blindfold as the finger slid into her. Another finger soon found her clitoris and began gently rubbing the sensitive button in a delicious circular motion. She rocked her hips forward, into the hand, attempting to obtain deeper penetration. One of the hands on her breasts was brushed aside, only to be replaced by a tongue. It slid over her aching nipple, drawing a moan from between her cock filled lips. She felt her husband's erection throb in her mouth and sucked a little firmer. Her tongue scrubbed the underside of the sensitive head. Suddenly the hands between her legs and on her breasts withdrew, and Mike pulled away from her sucking mouth.

"Lay her down," she heard her husband say.

Hands guided her onto her back, spinning her around so that she lay on the day bed lengthwise. She felt a man on either side of her each take hold of one of her legs and hold them open. Another pair of men held her arms over her head, effectively restraining her for whatever their comrades had in mind. Lacy groaned as a clean-shaven face slid between her thighs.

Lips found her clitoris and quickly sucked the tender bud between them. Her hips rose to meet him as she felt his tongue slip between her labia and into her wet vagina. While she didn't know who the man between her legs was - she knew it wasn't Mike as he had a full beard - she knew he loved what he was doing. The tongue teased at her entrance, drawing her wetness out of her quivering pussy. An erect cock brushed her lips, and she instinctively opened her mouth to accept the unknown man's cock. In the back of her mind, she thought she heard someone say, simply, "Move."

Suddenly the tongue, along with the lips, was gone. Seconds later, the brunette felt someone positioning himself between her wide-open thighs. She moaned softly as the velvety head of an erect penis slid up the length of her moist slit and over her clitoris. She luxuriated in the sensation of the cock head sliding back down her soaked sex, slipping between the engorged lips and teasing her entrance. Holding her breath, she sucked the cock between her lips deeper into her mouth as the man between her legs settled in and penetrated her.

Lacy's head spun as the cock slowly pushed its way into her. It was a slender cock, but of very acceptable length. The erection slid into her slippery opening to the hilt in one agonizingly long, slow stroke. Once completely buried in her tight vagina, she felt the man lean forward and take a nipple into his mouth. She groaned around the cock sawing back and forth between her lips as she felt the man between her legs begin to thrust his hips into her.

The brunette's mind was overloaded with sensations. Hands reached out from nowhere and stroked her body as the man on top of her slid his thin cock in and out of her soaked pussy. Both nipples were engulfed by hot, hungry mouths. The erection in her mouth swelled even more as its owner quickened his pace. Her back arched in ecstasy as her hips rocked beneath the man fucking her. She wanted to touch him, to feel his buttocks flex as he drove his cock into her. The men restraining her prevented her from moving her arms, frustrating her and exciting her at the same time.

With a sudden groan, she felt the stranger fucking her stiffen and erupt deep inside her. Strong spurts of warm semen coated her inner walls as the slender cock bucked and jumped inside her. Her arousal soared when she felt the tip of the erection glance off of her cervix. She groaned around the cock rapidly fucking her mouth, sending vibrations through its length. The man fucking her stopped moving, and with a sigh of relief, withdrew himself from the writhing woman.

The cock in her mouth was suddenly withdrawn, and replaced by a slightly softer version. She tasted dribbles of this new stranger's pre-cum as her tongue slid over the crown. Slight movements on the otherwise rock stable day bed let her know that the man she had been pleasing orally was positioning himself for penetration. She sucked harder on the stiffening prick when she felt the head of the cock between her legs part her widespread vulva.

The unknown man drove into her hard, causing her to inhale sharply as she was impaled by the slightly fatter erection. This cock was more to her liking. It had a nice, large head, and tapered wider into a rather thick base. She felt him slam into her hard and fast, forcing the air from her lungs with each stroke. The thick cock stretched her labia around the thick base while his curly pubic hair crashed into her pubic bone. Her mind reeled at the rough treatment by this pummeling fuck. Her nostrils flared as she panted around the now hard penis between her lips.

Suddenly, once again, her pussy was flooded with cum as the cock pounding into her seemed to explode without warning. She writhed under the pounding the man gave her as he came. His orgasm didn't seem to slow him one bit. In fact, he seemed to fuck his load of warm semen into her overflowing vagina even faster, bringing a squeal of delight from her full mouth. Finally, the stranger on top of her slowed as the last of his load flowed into her. The stranger groaned as he froze and shook above her, his rigid cock still twitching and vibrating in her hot pussy. Suddenly, he withdrew and disappeared as quickly as he had mounted her, leaving her vacant once more.

"Turn her over," a voice commanded from somewhere near her feet.

Completely at the mercy of the crowd around her, she was briefly released, and guided up onto her hands and knees. Once in position for easy entry, she was once again restrained as another stranger climbed up onto the day bed and knelt behind her. Streams of cum from the previous two couplings dribbled down the insides of her thighs. She felt the new participant take hold of her hips and slip into her from behind.

Lacy let out a satisfied moan as the surprisingly long cock penetrated her overheated vagina. This man was a lot more patient than the previous one had been. It was a good thing too - the man's cock must have easily been a good nine inches long, although not overly thick. He rocked his hips into her firmly, but relatively gently. It was clear he intended to take his time and make the pleasure last as he buried himself deep inside her. His cock had a very steep angle to it, and the head firmly scrubbed along the inner wall of her vagina as he thrust in and out of her in a steady rhythm. The depth of his penetration surprised Lacy, and she soon found herself pressing backward into him as his hips met her tight buttocks.

After the previous frantic thrusting of the man before him, this deep, slow, almost leisurely fuck felt very good to her. She concentrated on the long, thin cock, feeling every vein in the throbbing shaft as it delved in and out of her. Her body shook with passion as he finally quickened his pace, only slightly, sliding the full length of his manhood deeper into her quivering body.

A masculine hand lifted her chin. Instinctively, Lacy slipped her tongue from between her lips to brush over the crown of the cock she knew would be in front of her. She was not disappointed, although she was surprised by what greeted her. The cock before her was incredibly thick. Her tongue gathered dribbles of pre-cum as it slipped over the wide tip of the penis. She opened her mouth as hands guided her head, slipping the wide, rubbery crown past her lips and into her mouth. Her lips stretched around the width of the shaft and her tongue swirled along the underside. She wanted so badly to hold the stranger's buttocks, to pull him into her mouth deeper, but again, several hands prevented her limbs from any movement at all.

The cock softly, but firmly, thrusting into her clutching pussy began to swell and throb within her. The head bounced and rippled along the walls of her vagina as the stranger approached climax. Then, with a powerful lunge, he buried himself to the base of his cock and erupted deep inside her.

Lacy moaned around the velvety cock in her mouth as she was again filled to overflowing with gush after gush of semen. He drove into her drenched pussy and held still, letting her inner muscles milk the load from his spasming cock. The tip of his erection bounced off of her inner walls as it discharged its sticky load with surprising force. The cock between her lips suddenly let go its own salty load.

Lacy swallowed in audible gulps, her throat muscles working hard to keep up with the flood of semen as it rocketed into her mouth. She thrilled at the feeling of being filled from both ends at the same time. The two penises bucked and shook in their respective orifices as they pumped their loads into the helpless brunette. As she felt the cock in her mouth begin to slacken, the fabulous cock throbbing in her pussy withdrew.

"You have five more men lined up behind you," her husband's voice suddenly whispered into her ear. "Each one is stroking himself, waiting for his turn to fuck you."

Lacy thrilled at the thought. In her mind's eye, she saw the line of men behind her, each pulling gently on his erection as the line slowly moved forward. The cock between her lips was pulled free as another hard penis slid into her from behind.

"Are you ready to take them all on?" Mike asked her.

Lacy nodded, weakly, as the rather large erection filled her pussy. She groaned when he took up a steady rhythm, plunging into her deep, only to withdraw half way, then plunge back in to the hilt. She felt a mouth surround one of her nipples, which swayed beneath her. Hands stroked her back and shoulders as the man behind her held her hips and thrust into her wildly. Cum ran down the insides of her thighs as the cock drove it out of her sodden vagina.

He rotated his hips, causing the head of his cock to draw tiny circles against her inner walls. She cried out in ecstasy as a cum-lubricated thumb suddenly buried itself in her upturned ass. Her orgasm rapidly approaching, she momentarily held her breath and focused her attention on the crown of the erection glancing off of the entrance to her womb. Her thrashing head was gently caught, and another strange penis slid past her lips, driving into her mouth deeply.

She controlled her gag reflex and took the rubbery tip into the back of her throat, swallowing wildly. Nostrils flaring, she clenched her vaginal muscles around the rapidly pumping erection and exploded in orgasm. Although still blindfolded, light danced around in her brain as the hard cock in her mouth erupted. She swallowed hard while she convulsed on the cock still relentlessly pounding into her. The tip of the firmly driving cock bounced inside her as her inner muscles spasmed around it. The load from the spewing cock in her mouth rolled down her throat as she greedily took all the stranger could offer. Her chest heaved and her abdomen convulsed as her face, neck, and chest turned a deep shade of red.

She suddenly dropped the still spurting cock from her lips and cried out again as a second thumb slipped into her ass. The combined sensations forced her orgasm to increase in intensity. She humped and gyrated her hips under the punishing ecstasy her lower body was experiencing. Never before had she cum this hard. Her body convulsed on the day bed as the men in front of her released their hold. She threw her head down onto the mattress as the remaining cock repeatedly fucked into her.

As her orgasm began to subside, the thumbs were withdrawn from her violated rear passage. Lacy suddenly felt the huge cock filling her pussy explode inside her. Cum gushed out of her as the man drove his erupting cock into her harder and faster. Pulling her hips hard into his, he froze and shuddered, moving his hips in circles to keep his erection moving inside her, each spurt of his semen sending jolts up the exhausted woman's spine. As his orgasm swept through him, he collapsed on top of her. The men holding her let go as the couple collapsed in a heap in the center of the day bed.

The rest of the evening was a blur to her as cock after cock repeatedly penetrated her mouth and pussy. The only person who spoke was her husband, who occasionally offered her words of encouragement as she was repeatedly fucked in every position imaginable. At one point, the incredibly long, thick erection she had previously had in her mouth plunged in and out of her cum-filled pussy as she lay on her back, swallowing the load of another spurting cock. She screamed as best she could and came hard as the two cocks filled her body with cum.

Finally, she could keep up no more, and Mike called a halt to the festivities. He lay down on the sodden day bed with her and cuddled his cum-drenched wife in his arms as she rested her head against his shoulder. With her husband holding her so securely, she drifted off to sleep in his arms.

Lacy awoke to her husband's gentle voice in her ear. Opening her eyes, she was surprised to see the blindfold had been removed. She was visibly disappointed as she looked around the now empty room.

"Where is everybody?" Lacy asked.

"Oh, they're all out at the bar," he replied. "You really stole the show in here. I think everyone had enough just watching you."

She smiled at him as he rose to his feet. Taking her hands in his, he helped her to stand, then assisted her in pulling her dress back over her tired body. Taking his hand in hers, she let him lead her out of the room and back down the hallway, past the bar, and to the ladies room.

Once cleaned up, she rejoined her husband at their table. Lacy couldn't help but wonder how many of the men leaning against the bar had taken their pleasure with her body. She looked around the crowded bar and studied the face of every man who dared to make eye contact with her. Her pussy ached from the several hours of very active sex, and she could feel the cum still leaking out of her as she sipped at her drink. After what seemed like only a few minutes, her husband asked her if she was ready to go home.

As they stood up to leave, one blond gentleman smiled at her. He mouthed the words, "Good Night" as they passed the table he shared with his buddies.
Once in the car, Lacy could contain her curiosity no longer.

"So, just how many men took a turn with me?" She half nervously giggled. "I feel like I just fucked an entire football team."

"You really want to know?" Mike teased.

Lacy hesitated a second as she looked back, over her shoulder, at the doorway to the club.

"Yes, I really want to know," she finally replied.

"All of them," he said with finality.

Lacy gasped to herself as she thought back to the collection of men in the bar area.

"All of them?" she asked.

"Most of them fucked you twice," he added, smiling. "But you had all 16 of them inside you at least once."

"No wonder I'm so sore," she thought aloud.

"Too sore to finish me off when we get home?" Mike teased.

She looked over at her husband in silence. Smiling broadly, she reached over and unzipped his slacks. Pulling his stiffening cock out of his pants, she leaned toward him and whispered, "Why wait until we get home?"

Mike closed his eyes and relaxed in the driver's seat as his wife took his erection into her mouth and ran her tongue along the bottom of the throbbing shaft. The blond man watching from the doorway shook his head as he watched the brunette's head lean over and disappear into her husband's lap.

"Never even made it out of the parking lot," he said to himself as he turned back to his friends, closing the door.

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