The Wrong Sister's Mum - sex story

The Wrong Sister's Mum

Those words had been stuck in my head for days; they’d changed my life. “Does your daughter know you’re here?” Harry asked.

“I said that I had a headache,” which was true – a stress headache. Angela was the kind of daughter to make a mum worry and her latest exploits had put me in a very vulnerable position.

“And that you were going out for a run,” Harry said, acknowledging my Lycra running gear. “You look good in Lycra. I like the way it clings to your cunt.” Not for the first time, I flinched at the crudity of my neighbour’s words. Harry saw my physical reaction and smiled as I did my best to relax. “It’s going to get worse for you, my dear, than words. There are things that you’re going to do for me, aren’t there?”

I recoiled as Harry grabbed me between the legs, horrified by the way my body betrayed me with its sexual excitement – the sensations were heavenly.

“You’re a total bastard,” I said, extending my neck defiantly.

“And your daughter’s a stupid bitch. You’re the one who said you’d pay for her mistake.” I swallowed heavily. “And pay you will, with that wonderful body of yours.” Harry squeezed his hand and I was grateful for the supportive protection of my running gear over my breast. But again, there was betrayal as my body responded to his touch and to his compliment; it was a long time since my husband had even noticed my body, let alone complimented it. “Show it to me.”

“You want me to strip?”

“I want you to take your clothes off. Now!” The words were unsympathetic and demanding.


“Or get out and I go to the police.”

I lowered my eyes as I concentrated on the accelerating percussion of my heartbeat. “I’m rather embarrassed,” I said, explaining away the excited flush of my face; the embarrassment wouldn’t explain the slickness which had suddenly developed between my legs at the thought of being naked in front of this beast of a man.

“I don’t give a fuck about how you’re feeling. I just want to see your tits, cunt and ass.” Harry gazed longingly at the swell of my breasts and the ‘v’ between my legs. The look was so hungry that I wondered whether he could make-out the swollen cushions of my vaginal lips, or whether my sexual excitement was on display in the form of a damp patch. “Show me.”

Harry gasped as I dragged the Lycra top over my head, leaving my breasts unsupported and uncovered. Somehow, I managed to resist the urge to fold my arms across them and stood with unconvincing defiance. “Nice,” Harry said, making approving noises as he mauled a breast in each hand, squeezing and pulling on the tender flesh hard enough to make me stumble forward. The fact that he had no interest in me as a person thrilled me.

No-one had ever treated me like that.

In that moment, I was simply a pair of tits to him.

I tried to control my breathing as Harry ducked his head down and noisily fed on each of my nipples in turn, laughing to himself as he introduced his teeth to my tender teats. “Do you like that?” he asked, peering up as he sandpapered my nipple with his chin stubble.

“Fuck, yes!” I thought helplessly. “No, of course I don’t.”

“Liar.” Harry thrust his fingers between my legs and rubbed. I gasped with shock… and pleasure. “I bet your cunt tastes even better than your tits.” My body wanted to grind down on his fingers to increase the pressure – how long was it since someone else had touched me down there? Instead, I stood on tiptoes, as if trying to escape. “Mmmm. Squeezing your tits and thinking about tasting your cunt is making me horny.”

Oh God!

Harry pressed himself against me and I felt it; felt his cock. “So, are you going to touch it, or what?”

“Touch it?” I squeaked.

“My cock. This relationship is horribly one sided. Groping your pretty tits and pussy ain’t going to do me no good if you don’t touch me.” To my horror, Harry kicked his shoes aside, pulled his bobbly jumper over his head and tugged his trousers down. In a flash, less than ten seconds, my neighbour of ten years was naked… and the most important part of him was massive.

His penis was wondrously big. I couldn’t help but look at it as it filled the space between us. I focused on the opening of its foreskin, and could clearly see the slit in the smooth purple surface of the glans. Would he order me to pull his foreskin back and fully expose that impressive knob of flesh? Harry rocked his hips from side-to-side and his penis waved above his heaving balls.

I was going to have to touch it, although I was determined to wait until he told me to do it, even though I wanted to… “Get on your knees.” The command sent a shiver down my spine and made both my mouth and pussy lubricate. I paused for a second too long. “I said, get on your fucking knees!” Harry growled, grabbing my shoulders before giving me a downward shove.

I complied, his manhood now only inches from my fully flushed face.

“Don’t go pretending that this is your first cock, you slut,” Harry sneered. He poked a toe into the crotch of my running shorts. “We both know you’ve taken at least one cream pie, or else where would that bitch of a daughter have come from?”

I fought down the urge to defend my daughter’s honour, knowing that any defence of Angela would only make things worse for me.

“Touch it,” Harry said, suddenly changing his focus back to the here and now; back to me. I did as I was told; did as I wanted to do. “Get to know it.” I ran my fingertips from the root to the tip, making it twitch as I touched the sensitive underside of the crown. “What do you think of it?”

“It’s big,” I answered truthfully, as I tried to wrap my fingers around the shaft. Unlike with my husband’s cock, there was a gap between my thumb and fingernails as I held it.

“That’s good,” Harry said, groaning as I experimented moving my hand back and forth over the thickest part of his cock’s crown. “Do it faster, Connie. Do it faster and I’ll spunk all over those fabulous tits of yours. Or your beautiful face.”



The compliments shocked me.

Saying nothing, I moved my hand faster up and down the length of his hard penis. His purple glans repeatedly appeared and disappeared, but by altering the timing of my tugging, I made it so that the foreskin retracted completely and stayed retracted as I explored Harry’s ball sack with my left hand.

“Fucking suck it,” Harry gasped urgently. “Now!” His body started trembling uncontrollably. “I’m coming. Suck… put the fucking thing in your mouth!” he screamed. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth onto his fat cock. His spunk started pumping immediately, splattering my tongue and throat with creamy, if a little slimy, brine.

The very notion should have revolted me but I’d made him do this and I’m made him do it quickly, which was surely not his intention. Those thoughts were high in my mind as Harry tried to drive his cock deeper into my throat. There was nowhere for such an enormous implement to go and all he achieved was to make me splutter and choke, which ejected his cock in a near-vomit of white and clear bubbles. “What did you think of that?” Harry asked, wiping a cruel finger through the tears running freely from my eyes.

“I don’t know. It was allright, I suppose,” I said, coughing the words, smiling inwardly as I stole a line from my teenage daughter’s limited vocabulary.

“Don’t talk to me like that,” Harry snapped. “And take off your fucking running shorts.” Harry’s slimy cock had drastically deflated and I wondered what he had planned for my bottom half as I stood and peeled off my Lycra and underwear.

An excited shiver passed through my body as Harry ogled my pussy… and that shiver was joined by others as the adrenaline overwhelmed me. I was so excited that I couldn’t stop my muscles from jumping. I would never have imagined that I would feel like this when naked in the presence of such a bastard of a man.

“Are you cold?” Harry asked, running his hands down my back until they were holding my buttocks.

“No. Not cold, exactly.”

“Shame because I know a way to make you hot. Glowing cherry red, in fact.”

“Oh?” I asked, playing innocent as I felt his fingers moving towards my pussy. In a few seconds, Harry was going to find out just how much I was enjoying myself; he was going to feel how wet I was and there would be no denying my body’s reaction to what he was doing to me.

Harry stretched my buttocks wide apart and my body quivered with anticipation of his touch. Have you ever been spanked before?”

“Spanked?” There was an inner battle between right and wrong: thoughts of adultery, deceit, lies, betrayal – I deserved to be spanked.

“Not since I was at school.”

“Mmmm, tell me about that,” Harry said, giving my anus some cruel attention.

“I was with some friends who were smoking behind the gym.”

“You weren’t smoking?” Harry asked, making me squeak as he tried to force his finger into my bum.

“No. But I got – huunnn.” My body went suddenly tense as the noise escaped from my throat.

“You’re damned wet,” Harry said, stabbing his fingers into the open valley of my vulva. “You came here for a fucking, didn’t you?”

“No, no,” I murmured shakily, unable to think clearly as Harry forced his fingers up inside my vagina. No man other than my husband had penetrated me in more than 20 years.

“You were desperate to have your pussy played with; desperate for me to finger it and lick it and fuck it.”

“Oh!” I whimpered, “No, please, I only came over…” Harry pulled his fingers out from between my legs and I watched with muted fascination as he put them in his mouth before noisily sucking them clean.

“Because your sweet cunt needed me.”

“Please don’t talk to me like that.”

“Like what? You can’t pretend you don’t want it when you’re wet like that!” Harry chuckled. “Something tells me that you like me talking dirty to you.”

“I don’t.” Even to my ears, my protest sounded weak.

“When did that useless twat of a husband last sperm your cunt?”


“When did he last fuck you senseless?”

“It’s not like that with him…”

“When did he last suck an orgasm out of your clitoris?” A noise came out of me which I didn’t recognise as I imagined a tongue sweeping over the sensitive tip of my clitoris.

Harry’s tongue.

“You fucking whore,” Harry said triumphantly. “Tell me how much you want me to lick you.”

“God, yes. Yes. I want it.” Guilt swamped my senses and clutched at my belly and my needy pussy. “I want…”

“Say it, you horny bitch.”

“I want you to make me come.” Harry pushed me back onto his sofa and used his hands to spread my legs to the extreme. Dragging my bum to the edge of the cushion, he positioned me in the most pornographic pose imaginable and then kissed the lips of my vagina. There was no teasing or build-up, and the intensity of his tongue lapping the head of my clitoris made me screech and dig my nails into the sofa’s cushion.

There should have been time to think; to contemplate the ramifications of offering my body to another man but the sensations blanked my mind with the purest pleasure imaginable. Harry was an animal, reminding me of teenage boys who had been sex-thirsty and over eager in their oral attempts to please.

This was different.

Harry knew what he was doing… and what he was doing was exactly what I had done to him when I’d made him come too fast. “Come for me,” he whispered, not moving his lips away from my pussy for a second. I felt him swallow, just as I had swallowed for him.

I felt an odd connection between myself and this beast: we’d swallowed each other’s sex juices.

“I can’t get enough of your juices. They’re so… fucking… creamy.”

My body grimaced at his use of the word ‘creamy’ as that was exactly the word I’d thought about his spunk as I’d swallowed it. Apparently grimacing was good. I found myself unable to catch another breath. “God, I’m going to come.”

My body went rigid, the pulsating nub of my clitoris sending freakishly powerful waves of ecstasy through my shaking and twitching body. There seemed to be more crests to this illicit orgasm, more reward for this adulterous adventure. I already knew that I’d be begging for more orgasms from Harry.


That thought was in my mind as Harry shifted position and presented the solid purple crown of his cock against my pussy.

“No! I can’t!” Those were the words I should have said… but I didn’t. Instead I sat there with my legs splayed as Harry forced his fat cock deep into my vaginal duct. There were still a few inches spare when he hit my cervix.

Harry grinned at me. “I always knew how much you wanted a proper cock inside you,” he said with justified pride. He started sliding in back and forth. “And I know how much you want a proper spunking.” I couldn’t help but whimper as I felt my cheeks grow rosy. I was thinking about how much spunk had gushed into my mouth when Harry had orgasmed, and what it would feel like to have his cock ejaculating in my pussy.

His balls felt heavy as he fucked me, as he tormented me with guilty thoughts of an adulterous pregnancy. “God, you’re amazing,” Harry gasped, and I realised that I was clutching at him with hands and legs, desperately dragging him in deeper; desperately demanding that he give me the spunking he’d promised with every instinctive roll of my hips. “I’m going to do it,” Harry gasped urgently. “Now!” His body started trembling uncontrollably and I knew what his throbbing cock was doing while buried deep inside my vagina.

I felt at one with Harry, closer than I’d felt to anyone in years; my body rewarding me for receiving the fruits of a man’s orgasm. I was feeling horny, sexy and aroused as never before. I needed Harry to play with my clitoris… but he seemed entirely unaware of my feminine needs.

So I did it myself.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Harry snapped, grabbing my elbow and yanking my arm away from my needy clitoris.

“Please, Harry. I need to come.” Begging made my clitoris swell expectantly. Surely Harry wouldn’t be able to resist?

“And what makes you think you deserve an orgasm, you little adulteress?” Harry twisted my elbow in a way which made my body twist. Before I knew it, I was splayed across his knee with my breasts squashed flat and my bum exposed. “What you deserve, is a spanking.” I squirmed at the word. “Keep still. You’ll only make it worse for yourself.”

“Worse?” I murmured as Harry ran his hand along the inside of my thighs, pushing them apart as he clawed at each buttock in turn and then pulled them apart.

“You’ve got a pretty arsehole. I think I’ll have to give that a good fucking sometime.” I whimpered as Harry poked and prodded my anus, genuinely fearful that he might try and penetrate me back there. I gasped with relief and desire as his fingers moved down into my vulva. “My God, you’re wet.” As if to prove the point, Harry frigged me hard and fast for about ten seconds, filling my body with painful arousal and the room with the sounds of sucking, wet flesh. “You’re dribbling on my fucking leg, you dirty slut. You’d better not leave a wet patch on my sofa.” With that, Harry let loose a slap on my bare bottom.

I hadn’t been ready for it; I’d been thinking about being so wet that I was going to leave a wet patch; I’d been feeling guilty. Guilty girls deserved to be…

Before I had time to think, Harry brought his hand down hard on my left buttock, just at the top of my thigh – he’d done a matching pair of slaps and I imagined that I’d have two red hand-prints on my buttocks.

Harry brought his hand down hard. I realised that I’d felt him move; felt his body winding up and I’d tensed my buttocks against the blow. Those first two slaps had been mere taps in comparison to this strike. It fucking hurt and I cried out with shock and pain – and again when the matching blow arrived on my left buttock.

“Oh fuck! Harry!”

“Quiet!” Harry snapped. I could hear his breathing becoming laboured already, just as when he’d fucked me. He wouldn’t be able to do this for long… which was comforting, given the state of my buttocks – I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to sit down comfortably for days.

And then an odd thing happened: my buttocks became increasingly numb to the blows and the stinging, burning-like-fire sensation disappeared, leaving a heat which seemed to burn most brightly… between my legs.

I thought about the different ways I was being a ‘bad girl’. A cheating whore of a wife; an adulterous slut with a cum-filled cunt. The dirty words seemed to help.

“Harder, Harry. I deserve it.”

Harry stopped for a moment to chuckle and maybe wipe his brow. “You dirty little bitch. You’re fucking loving it, aren’t you?” Harry landed the hardest slap yet, the impact of which made me whimper with delight. “And here I was thinking that you’d had enough.”

I hadn’t had enough – far from it: the pain and humiliation and degradation were giving me crude satisfaction. “Please,” I begged, genuinely wanting more.

Needing more.

“Please what?”

“Please, fuck my tight ass.” Tears leaked out of my eyes as I squeezed them shut, thinking about the humiliation and degradation and pain. It was what I wanted, more than anything. The thrashing stopped and Harry wriggled out from underneath me.

“We’re going to need some lube,” he said, unable to hide the excitement in his voice as he hurried away with his humongous cock bouncing wildly from side to side.

Minutes later, Harry’s humongous cock began its unexpected journey into my bowels. Gasping as it impaled me, I felt full in a way which was quite startling. My body trembled with delight, probably too shocked to respond in any sane manner to the punishment inflicted upon it.

“Holy fuck!” Harry cried triumphantly, “Now that’s a view I’ll fucking remember. Your pretty little ass has swallowed my entire cock.” I gasped at Harry’s dirty words as I had no idea he’d got so much inside me.

Was he lying?

No: I could feel his hairy scrotum tickling my pussy. Harry leant forward, pressing his heavy frame down on my back, trapping me to the point of threatening suffocation. I felt totally vulnerable and submissive, and that was before Harry started fucking me.

The pleasure was raw and savage, unlike anything I had experienced or even imagined. It hurt, my God it hurt, as Harry slid his cock in and out of my straining asshole with increasing ferocity but I trembled with delight as I tapped my fingertip against my clitoris, barely brushing the tiny pink gland.

Harry extracted his cock completely, and then whooped with excitement as he drove it back inside. The intensity as his hips smacked into my bruised bottom made me tense-up and that tension became a convulsion as my fingers instinctively moved over my clitoris and dug deep into my slippery vagina.

A double penetration; both my holes filled tight.

With a shrill cry, I came: the rippling pulses of pleasure arrowing out from both my bowel and pussy, doubling the delirious spasms which injected a blaze of molten gold into my vision as they swept through my head, taking me to the edge of consciousness.


Harry’s hands gripped my hips, pinning me to the sofa as he used my bottom for his own pleasure. Sweet profanities fell from his lips as he fought his lack of athleticism to give me the ass-fucking of his life. The perspiration was pouring off him and when he cried out, I feared that he might be having a heart attack.

How would I explain that?

It came as some relief that the body slumped atop me was gasping and gurgling as it fought for breath like a beached salmon, having bathed my bowels with its milt.

“What would your daughter think now?”

I thought about my sweet, innocent Angela.

And had to be honest with myself: the dirty little slut would probably be jealous.

Keys: dirty slut magazine

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