They hired me to fix there house, I fixed there marriage - sex story

They hired me to fix there house, I fixed there marriage

I pulled into the small driveway. I looked around. The Royals lived in a nice neighborhood. I got a call from them last night before I went to bed. Mrs. Royal best friend - Mrs. Diane Smallwood. Gave her my number. I just got done remodeling the Smallwoods house. I did some small repairs around there old house. I fixed up the spare bedroom. I remodeled another room into a new baby room. Mrs. Smallwood is expecting any day now. I originally was called to put on a small wooden back deck in the back of there house They loved my low rates and expert service. That was close to 9 months ago and 5 remodeled rooms later.

I tucked in my tight black wife beater shirt. It molded over my athletic 6ft 4inch frame. I put my tape measure inside my front pocket on my knee length tan cargo shorts. I had a new pair of tan work boots on. I fixed my short hair as I opened the driver side door. I walked up to the front door.

I knocked twice before I saw the door knob turn. "Good morning sir. You must be Mr. Kelly?" said a male voice. I tilted my head down. There was a young man standing in the door way. He was maybe 25. He was about 5ft and weighed about 100lbs. "I'm Sam Royal. This is my wife. Alice.. Alice!! Where are you? The handy man is here. Hurry.." said Mr. Royal. He moved. I then heard some wooden clogs tap on there new wooden floor getting closer. "Hi!" said a very pregnant woman. She was holding the door knob with her left hand. Her right hand was on her hip. She was wearing tight white booty shorts, that were two sizes to small on her thick thighs and huge ass. She was wearing a tight purple halter top. It had a big scoop in the front. Showing off her extra, extra large breast. I could see her cheetah print bra trying to keep her huge breast from flopping out of her halter top. She had a big gold hoop belt that fit tight around her perfectly round stomach. It matched her small gold hoop earrings. Her dirty blonde hair hung down to her shoulders. She had fiery red lips to match her long finger nails. I glanced down to see her toe nails were painted red. She was wearing 4inch cheetah print wooden clogs. I smiled.

"Hello..Nice to meet you. You have a very nice house." I said. "Come on in honey. Don't be shy. We don't bite. Any trouble finding the place?" said Mrs. Royal. "No!" I said. Mr. Royal closed the door behind his wife. He then lead us into there living room. "How's Diane? We heard she is do anytime now. I can't believe there having a baby. We thought they had given up. With Mr. Smallwood shooting blanks. Listen to me. Gossip Gossip. My husband calls me the gossip queen." said Mrs. Royal. I smiled. "Your right. She is do anytime now. There suppose to call me when she goes into labor. I'm there emergency contact. So what are you folks looking to do with your new house?" I said. They smiled. "We were hoping you could fix a few loose doors. Maybe remodel the kitchen and our master bath. We also love to add a hot tub out back next to our new pool." said Mr. Royal. "Sounds good. I could do all that with no problem. Can you give me a tour of your house?" I said.

I spent most of the tour staring at Mrs. Royal big ass, and huge breast. If her husband knew me. He would have never invited me inside. We finished back in there living room. "When can you start?" said Mrs, Royal. "Any time. When are you do? If you don't mind me asking." I said. "I'm do in about 4 months. About half way now." she said. I smiled. "Wait! How much is this going to cost. I hate to ask. But I have a new job. Want to make sure we stick with in our budget." said Mr. Royal. "Good thinking." said Mrs. Royal. I put my hand to my forehead. I knew the job was going to be easy. Might take me a week tops. But I had to see how far I could take it. I had to figure out a way to get into Mrs. Royal tight booty shorts. Her cheetah bra was looking straight at me. "Mmmm.. There's a lot of work to be done. Maybe 30 thousand for the material. Maybe another 30 for my expert craftsmanship." I said with a big smile.

"What?? Wow that allot!! I mean, we already had another handyman gives us a quote. He was 6 times cheaper than you. He could do it for less than 10 thousand." said Mr. Royal. "Hmm. He's probably not as good as me. Sometimes the lowest bidder is not always the best. What if he leaves in the middle of the job or takes your money and never starts the job. Plus it might cost more to repair his work." I said. "Mr. Kelly we talked to the Smallwood. They said you were great and had very reasonable rates. Your prices seems a little high." said Mrs. Royal. "Mmmm. You can't put a price on peace of mind. You will never have to hire anyone to redo my work. Plus Mrs. Smallwood would never steer you the wrong way." I said.

I watched as Mrs. Royal talked to her husband. He kept looking up at her. I do the whole thing for free if I got to see her naked. I smiled as she shook her finger in front of her husband face. She then looked over at me. Her husband stopped talking. "Mr. Kelly. Is there anything we can do to lower your rates? What did Diane have to do? I know her husband is Mr. Cheap. When it comes to money. I'll do anything for a cheaper price. This is our dream home." said Mrs. Royal. I smiled. "The Smallwood fixed up a spare bedroom and let me live there. While I worked on there house. I got the work done much faster and I took some money off my original estimate." I said. "We could do that. We have a big spare bedroom next to the master bedroom." said Mrs. Royal.

I put my hand on the front pocket of my cargo shorts. 'Did they do anything else to help get a better price?" said Mrs. Royal. "Mmmm...I don't know. Have you ever done anything to get a lower rate on something?" I said. I looked right at Mrs. Royal. Her husband gave me a dirty look. "Let me think. I once got free cable and all the movie channels for free. I just started dating Sam. I was living on my own. Of course, I'm no longer a single woman." said Mrs. Royal. "What?? Alice you never told me about this." said her husband. "It was no big deal. We had not even gone on our 3rd date yet." she said. I smiled. I had a feeling she was keeping more info from her husband. "What did you do?" I said. "Ok! Honey don't be mad. It was very innocent. The cable guy flashed me his small penis. I than gave him a hand job. It was very quick. Maybe 1 minute at the most. He was over after 2 to 3 strokes. Just like you honey." said Mrs. Royal.

There was a big smile on my face. I could see Mrs. Royal crack a smile. Her husband had a big frown on his face. "That is quite a story. Any more naughty stories?" I said. "Alice.!!! How could you?" said Mr. Royal. "I needed to pay the bills. I was young and broke." said Mrs. Royal. "Was that the only time you have done something like this? Be honest with me....Alice!" said Mr. Royal. "Promise you won't get mad... I once flashed the lawn boy. It was so innocent on my part. I forgot he was mowing the lawn. I fell asleep on the couch, naked. I woke up. He was starring at me through the double glass doors. Then he ran." said Mrs. Royal. "That why he never charged us. Now he won’t mow our lawn. Alice your in big trouble. I can't believe this." he said. "Maybe he was scared you might beat him up. I'm sure it was not me." said Mrs. Royal. "I'm sure it was not you." I said. I was still smiling.

Mrs. Royal blushed. Her husband was still mad. "That it...Just the cable guy and the lawn boy?" he said. "Yes...You can trust my honey." said Mrs. Royal. "Quite the little naughty house wife. I can see why the lawn boy was checking you out." I said. "What was that?" said Mr. Royal. "Your wife some little house wife." I said. "More like big house wife." said her husband. He then smiled. "I don't think I can mow your lawn or give you free cable. But I might be able to help." I said. "Oh..What can we do?" said Mrs. Royal. "You could lower the amount of the materials and maybe some of my labor cost. Just by helping me out. Kinda of a mix of what you already have done with the cable guy and lawn boy." I said. Her husband gasped. "No! I won't allow it." he said. Mrs. Royal turned to him. She put her hands on her hips. "Honey...Now don't be a big meanie. It’s just a one time thing. I'm sure Mr. Kelly will be quick. He's a young man. Just like yourself. I'm sure he is as just as fast as you. It will be over before you can say, "Dream Home!" Baby.." said Mrs. Royal.

"Ok..Buck. You can stay with us, while you fix our dream house. Rent free.. If you then lower some costs on the remodel. I will use my hand on your penis.. How does that sound?" said Mrs. Royal. I smiled. "Sounds fair. You can lower the bills even more, if it's more than one time." I said. "Once will do young man...Alice! Make this quick." said Mr. Royal. Alice started to get closer. She had a wicked smile on her face. She licked her lips as she got on her knees in front of me. I looked down into her sexy green eyes. I glanced up at her husband. He had put his right hand in his pocket. Was he getting excited to watch his wife jack my cock. I smiled as Mrs. Royal began to run her nails on my muscular legs. She gripped my hard calves. "Your very hard." she said. I then felt the thin material of her halter top on my knees. Her huge breast rubbed against my knees. "Just unzip him Alice.." blurted out her husband.

I pulled up might tight black wife beater shirt. Just over my hard abs. Her eyes got big as she put her hand on my front right pocket. She outlined my big heavy metal tape measure. "Damn..I thought you were that big for a minute. That a big tape measure. Its Ok honey." said Mrs. Royal. A minute later she gasped as my cargo shorts fell around my ankles. My big metal tape measure hit the floor. The only thing keeping my hard cock from hitting her face, was a pair of tight white boxer briefs. She smiled as she reached up to pull down the sides of my boxer briefs. I then heard her husband gulp. She gasped again. Then let out a soft moan. I looked down. My hard cock flopped back and forth in front of her face.

"Wow! Your huge. I never seen a cock this size before." said Mrs. Royal. "Honey! Stop! You can't fit that in your tiny hands. It's Ok. You don't have to do this." said her husband. I then felt Mrs. Royal right hand began to grab my hard cock. She reached down to my cargo shorts with her left hand. She took out the metal tape measure. I then felt her put the cold steel of the measuring tape under my naked balls. She then moaned again. "Almost 10 inches, 9 ¾ inches and so thick." she whispered. I turned to see her husband was staring at my hard cock in front of his wife's face.

Mrs. Royal put away my metal tape measure. She then put both hands on my hard cock. She started to jerk my cock. First slower, then a little faster. She used both her hands to grip around my cock. I moved my hips forward. My cock all most hit her face. I could feel her huge breast on my knees. I could feel her left nipple getting harder. It was ripping my skin. I had to feel her huge breast. She was still jerking my cock. I slowly brought my right hand down to the top of her dirty blonde hair. She tilted her head up to look in my blue eyes. I smiled. She licked her red lips. "Is he close Alice?? Stop looking at him. Just hurry up. It's been more than a minute." said Mr. Royal. I watched as his wife moved her hands around my big clean shave balls. "No! He is not close. You have such big balls...Buck!" said Mrs. Royal.

"It might help if you make him wet." I said. Mrs. Royal than tried to spit on my hard cock. She missed and most of it fell between her huge cleavage. I looked down. It was right between her deep cleavage. She than tried to spit again. The same thing happened. I glanced at her husband. He was rubbing his small cock inside his pants. I than grabbed the back of Mrs. Royal head. I inched her lips closer to my cock. I than let go as she moved her bright lips around the tip of my cock. She than took another inch before she tried to spit my hard cock from her mouth. "That's not allowed. Sir! Get your big cock out of my wife's mouth. Alice no." said Mr. Royal in a loud tone. I inched my hips forward. She took another inch of my cock in her hot mouth.

I looked over at Mr. Royal, He had is eyes closed and his mouth wide open. I went back to moving his wife mouth up and down on my hard cock. She gagged again. I got almost half of my cock wedge in her wet mouth. I finally moved my hips back. A big suction noise could be heard in the living room. A huge load of saliva trailed from my cock to her mouth. I had to get ahold of her breast. "Oh god. Are you close. No man has lasted this long before." said Mrs. Royal. "Take off your top. Let me see those incredible breast. You will know when I'm close." I said.

I watched as Mrs. Royal quickly took off her halter top. I motion for her bra next. She could not reach around back to unclasp such a huge bra. I reached down her back. I unclasped her huge cheetah color bra. It dropped down on the front of her knees. Mr. Royal groaned. His wife looked over. He had his cell phone out. He was taking photos of his pregnant wife, letting there new handy man fuck her huge breast. I slid my hard cock between her hot cleavage. I could just see the tip of my cock part her huge breast. She tried to use her tongue to lick the tip. But her neck would not bend over far enough on her huge breast to lick my cock head. "Your the first man ever to fuck my breast. No one has ever done this before. There so sensitive. Fuck!@" she yelled.

I started to twist her two big fat nipples. They were both the size of two small baby carrots. Both dark purple and very hard. I tugged on them as she squirmed under my man handling of her breast. I pulled my cock out of her amazing cleavage. She put her big red lips around the tip again. She started to really suck hard on my cock. She got half my cock down her throat. I almost forgot about her husband. I turned my head after hearing him drop is phone. A second later he zoomed into see me blast his wife face. She was jacking my cock inches from her face. Her red lips were wide open. The first wad of cum hit her forehead. The second her right cheek. The third large amount hit her mouth. She put the tip of my cock on her lips. She jacked some of my load on her tits, the rest filled her mouth.

A moved my hips all the way forward. I dragged my cock all over face and dirty blonde hair. She was still cleaning herself off as I put my clothes back on. I walked toward the Royal front door. I turned. "See you in the morning. I like to start early. I'll bring some of my clothes and things from the Smallwood. I'll find a room to stay in tonight. Good Night!" I said. I then watched Mr. Royal run to his wife. She was still licking her fingers and huge tits, of my huge cum blast.

The next day....

I grabbed some of my gear from the back seat of my truck. I walked up to the Royal house. I picked up the welcome mat. I knew they had a key under the mat. Everyone does. I smiled as I walked into the house. I then walked out to the back yard. I open the side gate. I then walked to my truck. I pulled out two saw horse and some wood. I then set everything up in the back yard. I returned to my truck to get a saw and my tool belt.

I was wearing a white wife beater and the same tan cargo shorts from yesterday. I had my work boots on and a red band danna in my back pocket. I took out my metal tape measure. I went inside the house, to measure a few doors. I decided to start with the easiest repairs. I pulled out a hammer and a screwdriver from my tool belt.

“Wham! Smash! Wham! Smash!...I started to remove the door to the kitchen. A minute later I heard some noise over my head. “Who’s down there???” said Mr. Royal. “Your handy man. I told you I like to start early.” I yelled. I then went back to taking off the kitchen door. It took me a few minutes to get the whole door off the hinges. I then carried it outside. I start to sand the edges down. I then took off some nails on the top.

A few minutes later, I put the door back in the kitchen. I moved it a few times. It was good as new. I then walked to the basement door. “Wham! Smash! Wham! Smash” I then took off the basement door. I walked back to the kitchen. I could smell some coffee brewing. I then saw Mrs. Royal in a white bathrobe. She was pouring some coffee in a mug. “Good morning Buck..Would you like some coffee?” she said. I smiled. I grabbed the mug from her hand. “Thank you.” I said.

I then sat down at the kitchen table. Mrs. Royal bathrobe covered her big baggie sleep ware. I would have to change that soon. “You make a great cup of coffee.” I said. She smiled. “Thank you. I see you got started already. That is great. I have a doctor appointment this morning. Sam going to work. You’ll have the whole place to yourself. I should be back around 10am.” Said Mrs. Royal. I smiled. “No problem. I have a lot of work to do.” I said.

“Honey! Where’s my coffee? How come he is drinking from my favorite cup?” said Mr. Royal. “Shhh…. Mr. Kelly doing a great job. Now you hurry up and get to work. I’ll call you after my appointment. Have a great day at work.” Said Mrs. Royal. I watched her husband walk to the door. He looked back at me sitting at his place at the kitchen table. I nodded his coffee mug at him. He quickly shut the door.

“What time is your appointment?” I said. “9am…Just a quick visit.” She said. “I’ll lay out your clothes, for you to wear for your Doctor visit. I’ll drive you. We better hurry. “ I said. Mrs. Royal did not say a thing. I walked behind her toward her bedroom. She then walked into her bathroom. I could hear her turning on the water to the shower. I walked over to her closet. I pulled out a black leather mini skirt, some black hose for her long legs. I then pulled out some 4inch black wooden heels. I chose a black tube top from her closet. I then found some black panties. They were big. But she had to wear something that did not make her look like a total pregnant whore. I had to get her in shape. Just like I had with Mrs. Smallwood.

Mrs. Royal looked very hot, as she rode next to me in my truck. Everyone head turned as she walked into her Doctor office. Her Doctors eyes almost fell out of her head, when she saw her sitting in the waiting room. Twenty minutes later Mrs. Royal walked out. She had a big smile on her face. She saw all the nurses looking at her. I held her hand till we got back to my truck.

“Take off your panties. Put them in your purse.” I said. Mrs. Royal quickly took off her panties in the parking lot. I then opened the side door to my truck. I helped her into the front seat. I walked around the truck. I then started the engine. “Pull down your top. Let me so those. That a good wife. Pinch your nipples.” I said. I could smell how excited Mrs. Royal was becoming.

I played with her huge breast all the way to her house. She hoped out of my truck, half naked. Then hit the garage door opener. I pulled my truck inside. I took up both spaces in the garage. I followed Mrs. Royal into her house. “Go upstairs and take off all your clothes. Put on your sexiest heels and just the robe you were wearing this morning. That how you dress all the time now, in your house. If I want you to wear something. I’ll pick it out. Before you come back down stairs. Move your husband things in the spare bedroom. Call him. Explain your getting a bigger discount on your home repairs. Then meet me in the kitchen.” I said.

I walked to the kitchen. I crossed my legs and waited for Mrs. Royal. I could hear her moving things into the spare bedroom. A few minutes later I heard some heels clicking on the wooden floor in the hallway. Mrs. Royal breathed in as she walked over to me. I uncrossed my legs and gently opened her bathrobe. She was completely naked underneath. I smiled. I ran my right hand over her huge ass. I stopped just under her big ass. She was wearing yellow 6inch heels on her tiny feet. “I love your choice of heels. Did you call your husband? Like I told you. Are you ready for me to take some money off the repairs.” I said. She nodded her head..”Yes!”

I then pulled Mrs. Royal bathrobe off her body. I quickly took off my clothes. She was starring at my hard cock. “You’ve been thinking about this since yesterday. Now I’m going to fuck you. Walk out and bend over the wooden saw horse.” I said. I slapped her big ass. Mrs. Royal was breathing heavy as she walked out into her back yard. She slowly bent over the wooden saw horse. Her huge breast hung over the front. Her huge ass stuck perfectly in the air, facing me. I spit in my left hand. I coated my hard cock with my spit. I then slowly inserted the tip of my cock into her tight pussy. Her small cunts lips parted to let my big cock in.

I reached down to grip Mrs. Royal hips. I then plunged my cock all the way. She screamed…”Fuck! Your so big. Your splitting me in two.” She yelled. I started to slam my cock back and forth. I was grunting as my cock was now getting eaten by her tight pussy. I could hear her huge breast slam into each other. I looked around to make sure no nosey neighbors were watching. She arched her back as I slammed my hard cock deeper inside her. After a few minutes. I walked her back into her kitchen. My cock was still deep inside her. I pulled out as I placed her on the kitchen table.

I got between her legs. Her ankles were next to my head as I jammed my cock back into her pussy. I leaned down to suck her huge breast. She tilted her head back. I then felt her whole body shake. She moaned. She then started to squirt on my cock. I stopped fucking her for a minute. I just shifted my cock deep inside her wet pussy. I put my hands on her throat. She reached down to grab my ass. She held me tight inside her. I then grunted and shot a huge load inside her. “Get up. Let’s go upstairs. “ I said.

A few minutes later we started fucking in the master bedroom. I was sitting up right in her bed. She was moving up and down on my cock. I was biting and twisting her big nipples. She had her hands over my head. She was gripping the head board as she moaned from my cock….

“Fuck! What is this?” said a male voice. I looked over Mrs. Royal dirty blonde hair. It was her husband. He was looking right at us. I smiled. Mrs. Royal turned her head. “Honey! Your home early. Mr. Kelly lowering his bill on the repairs.” Said his wife. “I can’t believe this. I…I… I call Mr. Smallwood today. He told me the whole truth, about Mr. Kelly. He got his wife pregnant, not him. Than Diane move his things in the spare bedroom. He can’t have sex with her anymore. Only Mr. Kelly. His wife only thinks about his big cock anymore. They even had sex last night.” Said Mr. Royal.

“I’m glad you called him. It’s all true. They could not have a child. They paid me to get her pregnant. It only took one session. He then got excited watching his wife fuck another man. I think he enjoy’s it more than his wife. He loves to eat her used pussy. Sometimes she jacks my cock onto his face.” I said. I tapped the side of Mrs. Royal big ass. She climbed off my cock.

“Get off the bed. Stand right next to me. That’s good. Start jacking my cock.” I said. I reached down to put my middle finger in her pussy, I looked over at her husband. “Get over here. Get on your knees.” I yelled. Mr. Royal ran over in front of me. He got on his knees. He was looking up at his tall, pregnant wife, jacking my hard cock. His eyes got big as the first huge white globe hit his nose. The 2nd his chin. Mrs. Royal moaned in my ear. She then started to squirt in her husband face. Her pussy exploded. We both coated his whole face. “Go to my truck. Inside our some “Handy Man” Flyer's, in the back seat. Don’t wash your face. I want everyone to see what a good husband you are. I may need to find another hot wife and small husband in need of my services.” I said

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