Tommy and Amanda: The Story Continues - sex story

Tommy and Amanda: The Story Continues

“Mmmmmmm. Yes Tommy right there. Oh yes lick my clit, lick it hard. Make your naughty little wife cum all over your face. You know you want it. That’s it Tommy, that it. Oh yes.” That was about all Amanda could say when Tommy started licking her swollen clit harder than when he started. Even after almost sixteen years of being married to him, she has never been bored with him and never once thought about having sex with another man. Tommy was the only man she wanted.

She knew that Tommy felt the same way about her also. Several times she has tried to get Tommy to look at another woman just to see if he would, but it was useless. He just wouldn’t do it. He was 100% dedicated to Amanda and only Amanda. Sure he had sex with her mom Sarah, but to the both of them, he wasn’t cheating. Amanda was willing to share him with her so the way she looked at it, it was okay. Even to this day they still have sex at least four times a week. That right there amazes most of their friends that they can still have sex that much still and never get tired of it. Most of them are lucky if its once a week. Sometimes, it wasn’t even that much.

Right then Amanda’s orgasm hit full force and she wrapped her legs around Tommy’s head, holding his mouth in place on her pussy. She could feel Tommy shoving his tongue inside her, lapping up all he could before it escaped. She totally enjoyed it when Tommy licked her pussy clean, especially when he would pay a lot of attention to her clit.

Tommy slowly started to work his way up her body, kissing along her belly ever so lightly. He knew right away that he was sending shivers up and down her spine. He could feel her fingers already running through his hair when he started sucking on one of her nipples. Amanda’s breast size hadn’t really changed, even after she stopped breast feeding. Tommy really liked that. When Tommy first met her he guessed she had a B cup. Now, sixteen years and the four kids, her breasts have stayed at a nice DD cup size.

Right when he was getting ready to slide his cock inside her he heard a knock at the door and the voices of Allison and Jennifer asking when they were going to get out of bed. Tommy and Amanda looked at each other and started laughing. Even with the kids getting ready to turn 16 today, they still wanted Tommy to cook them breakfast. They have always enjoyed his pancakes.

“We’ll be down in a few minutes.” Tommy told them.

“Alright dad, well get everything out for you so you can start right as soon as you come in the kitchen. Is that okay with you?” Allison said through the closed door.

“Yeah pumpkin that’s fine,” was Tommy’s answer.

Tommy and Amanda listened to the girls run back down the hall towards the kitchen. “Well, I guess we better get out there before one or all of them come back and decide to just walk in and drag us out.”

“Yeah I agree with you there. One of these days they are going to walk in on us. You realize that don’t you?” Amanda said to Tommy. “We never lock the door and I am way certain that they have heard us at night.”

“Well you know you’re not exactly the quietest woman around when you’re having an orgasm. At least you don’t pass out as much as you used too.”

“Well I’ve never heard you complain about me doing that.” Amanda remarked while rolling Tommy over on his back and straddling him. She slowly started rubbing her pussy along the length of his still hard cock.

“You keep that up young lady and we’ll never make it to the kitchen before they come back to get us.” Tommy informed her even though he was enjoying the touch of her wet slit sliding along his cock. He so truly loved being married to her. He laid his head back on the pillow figuring he might as well enjoy it while it lasted, which wasn’t too long. Suddenly he felt Amanda jump off of him. He watched as she grabbed her robe, which came too just above her knees. She slipped it on and started heading towards the bedroom door. Before she headed out the door, Amanda ran back towards Tommy and gave him a long, deep and passionate kiss, which always seemed to take his breath away even to this day. When she stood back up she looked down at him lying there on the bed. His cock still hard and pre-cum was starting to seep out the end of it.

“You might want to take care of that before you come out there,” Amanda suggested to Tommy about his erection. “That’s all we need is to have the girls see you like that.”

Tommy looked down at his erect member and then back up at Amanda who still had a slight smirk on her face. “Well you could help me take care of it. You’ve always enjoyed helping out.”

Amanda’s face started to turn a slight shade of pink. She never understood why she still did that. You would figure that she would have grown out of it after sixteen years. Oh well, at least Tommy usually found some enjoyment out of it.

“That’s what I was waiting for.” Tommy said to Amanda, this time with an evil grin on his face. “Now let’s see how many questions you get from the kids with your face such a pretty shade of pink.” Tommy started to chuckle at the thought of her trying to explain that to them.

“Oh, so you think you’re funny huh?” Amanda opened the door and started to head out. She leaned back in and told Tommy, “I won’t have to explain anything. You will.”

With that said, Amanda started towards the bathroom at a fast pace. When she reached the door she hollered towards the kitchen. “Hey girls, you’re dad wants to see you in the bedroom.” She had to fight from laughing when she saw them come running towards the bedroom and straight in to their dad. Finally she closed the door, smiling the whole time.

Tommy was trying franticly to pull the sheet up around him before the girls got there. He didn’t expect Amanda to pull something like that. Now he needed to figure out how to get her back for that. But that was something he would have to do later because at the moment Sarah, Jennifer and Allison came running into the bedroom. They were still wearing their summer sleep wear, which usually consisted of matching sets of spaghetti strap tops and very short sleeping shorts which barely covered their ass cheeks.

When he noticed the girls come running through the door he was ashamed of himself for staring at their breasts bouncing while they ran towards him. He felt his cock twitch at the sight before him. He finally pulled his eyes away and up to their beautiful faces. All three of them looked so much like Amanda when she was that age. The only difference was that their breast size was bigger than hers when he first met her. Finally he smiled at his daughters.

“Hi daddy did you need something?” Allison asked after she had jumped up on the bed next to him.

When Jennifer and Sarah jumped up on the bed they pushed him backwards and Sarah jumped on top of Tommy and straddled him. Suddenly she froze and started to lift herself up to look where she had been sitting on Tommy’s crotch and saw the blanket twitch. Immediately she jumped up off the bed and stood there staring at her dad with a surprised and slightly shocked look on her face.

Jennifer and Allison looked at their sister wondering why she jumped up like she did. They sat there watching her and saw that she was pointing at the spot where she was sitting. Both of them looked over there and saw the blanket twitch. They climbed off the bed and stood next to their sister.

Tommy was afraid that he’d just scared his daughters. He didn’t want them to be scared of him. He always wanted them to be able to trust him. He sat up and balled the blanket up over his crotch and waited to see what they were going to do. Suddenly he saw them make a kind of a huddle and he could hear them whispering to each other just loud enough for them to hear what each other were saying.

Tommy watched as they broke their little formation and stood next to each other again. He felt ashamed of himself but knew that his erection wasn’t because of them but couldn’t deny that he enjoyed Sarah’s young bottom pressing against his hard erection. Finally, his daughters spoke.

“Daddy,” Sarah said in a voice that would make any father feel ashamed of there self.

“Yes sweetie.” Tommy answered her. Suddenly he saw a grin appear across his three daughters faces. “What are they up too?” He thought to himself.

The three of them answered him unison. “We know what you and mommy were doing. So that’s why both of you were still in bed.” They started giggling in unison and started to turn a light shade of pink just like their mother did sometimes.

Tommy couldn’t believe them. He knew they were sixteen today and didn’t think they knew much about sex, but then again, he started finding out about sex when he was only fourteen. Everything he knew at that age was from looking at his uncle’s porn magazines and movies. They probably knew more now than what he did at their age. He knew kids were growing up a lot quicker these days than when he was a kid.

“Alright now, why don’t the three of you go back out there so I can put some clothes on then I will come make breakfast for you.”

“But Dad, don’t you think you should take care of that before you come out?” Jennifer asked him with a huge grin on her face and her eyes looking back to his crotch every few seconds.

“Jennifer Lynn Ryals!” How do you know about things like that?” Tommy surprisingly asked her.

Jennifer looked like she was about to cry. She was certain that she was going to be in a lot of trouble and maybe her sisters also. She stood there for a few seconds before she finally spoke.

“Well Daddy, you know Tiffany from school. Remember her?”

“Yeah I remember her. Why?”

“Well she heard her mom tell her dad that he had better take care of his erection before he goes to work. Well she didn’t say erection but I figured out what she was talking about. When I asked her about it she finally told me. I’m sorry daddy if I did something wrong.”

Tommy could see a tear start to form in the corner of her eye. If there was one thing that he hated to see were his girls crying. “Come here sweetie.”

Jennifer ran over to her dad and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m sorry daddy. Please forgive me.”

Sweetie there is nothing to forgive. You didn’t do anything wrong. Really you didn’t. I’m sorry if I scared you, I really am. You just surprised me when you said that. That’s all.”

Jennifer stood back up and smiled at her father while wiping her eyes on the back of her hand. “I really thought that you were upset with me so I guess it did scare me a little. I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetie. That goes for the two of you standing there.” Tommy said to Sarah and Allison.
Suddenly Sarah and Allison came running towards Tommy. On the way they both pushed Jennifer forward into Tommy, which knocked him backwards onto his back. Jennifer landed on top of him with her crotch lined up perfectly with his.

At that moment it was everything that Tommy could do to keep his cock under control and not twitch while his daughters were laying on top of him.

“Ok girls maybe you should go back into the kitchen so I can get dressed and finally make everyone breakfast. At this rate it will be lunch time before we eat anything.”

Allison leaned over to give her dad a kiss on the cheek. When she started to sit back up to get ready to head out she leaned back down and started sniffing around Tommy face. “What are you doing you silly girl?” Tommy asked.

Allison finally sat up with a curious look on her face. Finally she looked at her sister and said. “What do you two think?” She motioned for her sisters to see if they smelled what she smelled on her dads face.

Jennifer was closer to her dads face so she took a really good sniff and then sat up so her sister could do the same. She watched as Sarah leaned down and sniffed once, twice and then a third time.

The three of them sat there looking at each other and all of them at the same time got an evil grin on their faces and shook their heads yes in unison. Slowly they looked down at Tommy still laying there.

Tommy recognized that grin because it was the same one Amanda has when she was up to something. “All right girls what are you up too?”

Allison who was still grinning said, “Oh nothing Daddy.”

“Yeah where not up to anything Daddy,” replied Sarah.

“But we know what you’ve been up too Daddy.” Jennifer said. Never once did her eyes leave Tommy’s. “From the scent on your face I would say that you’ve already had something to eat this morning and it sure wasn’t pancakes.”

Immediately Sarah, Jennifer and Allison stuck their tongues out and began wiggling them up and down like they were running them over something in front of them. They immediately started giggling. They left the bedroom as quickly as they came in.

Tommy sat there in shock at what his little Jennifer had said. Now he was wandering how much they actually knew about sex and how did she know what the scent on his face was. Apparently they all knew from the way the three of them acted.

Once they were gone Tommy finally climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom so he could take a very cold shower. He hoped that it would be enough to make his erection go down. When he got there he was hoping that Amanda would still be in there but, not to his surprise, she wasn’t. Once he was finished he put on his swimming trunks so he wouldn’t have to change later.

When he walked into the kitchen he saw his three girls and Amanda standing around the counter. His girls had their backs towards him and with the way they were standing there he could see the perfect outline of each girl’s ass. He suddenly realized that they were only wearing their tops and panties and had removed the shorts that they were wearing just a little while ago. Immediately he felt his cock start to harden.

He didn’t realize that he was staring until he heard his son speak from behind him in a quiet voice that he was certain it was meant for only him to hear.

“Hey dad, wouldn’t you say my sisters each have a sweet ass? Wouldn’t you say?” Tommy Jr whispered to his dad over his shoulder.

Tommy snapped out of his little trance and turned around to see his son staring at his sister’s partially exposed back sides. He watched his son’s eyes scan over every inch that he could see of his sisters. He could hardly believe what he just heard from his own son.

He knew his son was right though, because there was no way that he could deny what his son was saying and what he certainly already knew himself.

“Do you really think you should be looking at your sisters like that? Come on Tommy, they are your sisters.” Tommy noticed his son lick his lips and noticed that his sons eyes weren’t as low as they had been a little bit ago. When he looked in the direction Tommy Jr was looking he quickly realized that it wasn’t his sisters he was watching anymore. It was his mom.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Amanda was on top of one of the stools trying to get something off of one of the higher shelves. Her shorts were missing also and all you could really see was her great ass and very little material of the thong that she was wearing.

Quickly he walked over to Amanda to get her down of the stool. He reached up and got the bowl down that she was after. He made sure her back was towards the counter and he was in front of her.

“Well thank you Tommy but I was able to get it.”

Tommy leaned over towards her ear and said. “It’s not that you couldn’t get it, it was the thought that our son is getting a hard on watching the four of you.”

Amanda looked past Tommy towards her son who had gone back to staring at his sisters. She could clearly see the outline of his cock through his shorts.

Without thinking she reached down and ran her hand over her husband’s cock. She felt his whole body tighten up. Immediately she knew that she had surprised him by doing that. When she looked up her eyes met Tommy’s and she could see the look on his face.

“Well my dear husband. It looks like he’s not the only one who likes what he’s been seeing.” She gave his cock a little squeeze and walked over to her daughters.

“Well girls it looks like your Dad and brother are happy to see us. Wouldn’t you agree girls.”

Sarah, Jennifer and Allison looked over the center counter at their dad and then turned around towards their brother. All three giggled.

Their brother quickly snapped out of it and realized that he was the one being watched instead of them. At that moment he didn’t know what to do. He froze where he was, unable to move. He didn’t mind watching them but know that they knew he had been watching them he was a little embarrassed to have been caught.

He watched as his sisters walked over to him. Sarah stood directly in front of him, Allison and Jennifer on either side of him. Suddenly he felt Allison and Jennifer start to rub their breast up against him. He could feel their nipples start to get hard under their tops.

When he looked at them he noticed that they were looking at him, their mouths open a little and their tongues sliding slowly across their lips. Never once did they ever touch him with their hands.

He couldn’t believe this was happening. Suddenly he felt something rubbing against his cock through his shorts. When he looked to see what it was he discovered that it was Sarah rubbing her ass against him. When he looked down he noticed that Sarah had pulled her panties down to where it was her completely bare ass up against him.

That was more than he could take. Je felt his cock twitch and then start squirting his cum all over the inside of his shorts. After three good shots his cock started to go limp. When he opened his eyes he quickly remembered that his mom and dad were in the room also. “Oh shit.” What all he could say.

“Well son do you feel better now?” Amanda asked her son. It was everything she could do to not laugh at the look on his face when he finally remembered that his dad and mom were in there.

Allison turned around and looked at her sisters and then at Tommy. “Hmmmmm. So that is what a cock feels like when it cums.”

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