Virtually Yours - sex story

Virtually Yours

The morning grass was still damp but he didn't notice
as he walked across the park. His pace was just a bit
fast, as if he were in a hurry but forcing himself to
appear relaxed. The playground equipment was deserted;
the children were all in school, and it was still too
early for anyone to be enjoying their lunch beside the
small lake. Only one other person was in evidence; she
waited patiently near the edge of the woods. Behind
her, a wood chip path led into the nature conservatory,
a circuitous area shadowed by the thick undergrowth and
a dewy canopy of leaves.

"Finally," he said, when they were face to face.
Beyond that neither could do anything but smile. This
moment had been in the making for months, and both
wanted to simply savor the first look at the "real
life" face of the other. The reality didn't quite fit
the mental images formed by generalized descriptions
and fuzzy pictures but each was nonetheless pleased.
She wore a short denim skirt and white blouse; he was
dressed in tan trousers and a dress shirt. Clasping
hands, they set off down the path.

Not a word was said for a full ten paces, then he
turned abruptly and clasped his lips to hers. Embracing
each other desperately, their lips fought to taste as
much of the other as possible. His tongue slid in to
her mouth and back, she nipped at the retreating organ
and followed with a thrust of her own. Their hands ran
uncontrollably up and down one another's back, fingers
eagerly exploring the flesh barely hidden beyond thin

Within seconds they were breathing heavily into one
another's lungs, desperate for air but not wanting to
break the long-awaited kiss. He pulled her even closer
until their bodies were melded together from the waist
to their heated lips. When they finally broke contact,
it was only to allow an inch or so of space between
their shining faces.

"Finally," he repeated, smiling.

"We've never met, but I've missed you for years," she
said, words coming much easier now. His hands con-
tinued to trace soft circles across her back, unwilling
to lay still until every beautiful inch of her body had
been discovered.

"I know; I feel like I've been waiting forever."
Arms linked tight, they resumed their walk. The
morning air was still save for the sounds of birds in
the conservatory and the rustle of bark beneath their

She laughed suddenly. "You promised we wouldn't do
anything but talk the first time," she reminded him.

"I'm sorry," he said, abruptly awkward. "I didn't

She silenced him by turning and pulling his face down
to hers for another kiss. After a moment they stood,
embracing, regarding each other with a calm happiness.
"I was just teasing," she said.

He glanced over her shoulder and spotted a small
wooden bench. Looking down into her eyes, he smiled
mischievously. "In that case, did you take me up on
my dare?"

She blushed and looked away, trying to supress a
grin. "Why don't you find out?" she offered. She
allowed him to direct her backward, their eyes never
losing contact as she sat back just on the edge of the
bench. Kneeling in front of her, his hands slipped
slowly up the side of her legs. Her smile grew broader
as his fingers disappeared beneath her skirt. A quick
look of pleased surprise flashed across his face as he
found the soft, bare skin and she laughed.

"Remember what you said you'd do?" she asked, leaning

Gently pushing her knees apart, he slid the skirt up
her thighs and leaned forward to introduce his smile to
the naked crease between her legs. She tilted her head
back and closed her eyes, body jumping involuntarily as
he tongue slid out to tease her already-excited sex.
Her outer lips were aleady opening for him, anticipat-
ing the oncoming pleasure. He stroked her eagerly with
his tongue, pausing occasionally to pull lightly at her
hardening clit with his lips.

When she began to moan he went to work in earnest,
thrusting his tongue deep inside of her. His hands
brushed up and down her soft legs, the skin beneath his
palms burning as if on fire.

The birds quieted momentarily, deferring to her short
cries of pleasure as she twisted and moaned on the park
bench. Between her legs his ministrations continued,
laving her heated opening from one end to the other,
teasing the bud of her clit and sucking it into his
mouth. She lifted her legs onto his shoulders and he
reached around with both hands, cupping her ass and
pulling her even closer into his constantly moving

In a moment her entire body stiffened, then relaxed.
Her midsection shot forward uncontrollably, bucking
against his lips and tongue. A sweet sensation filled
his mouth, then her body went limp on the wooden bench.
He continued to lick and tease, slowing gradually as
her chest heaved.

When he finally backed away, she pulled him to her
face for a fierce kiss. The hot scent of her sex
filled both their mouths as she sucked on his tongue,
moving from the contact only when their awkward posi-
tion became uncomfortable.

"I like a woman who'll take a dare," he said, his
confidence returning as they walked away from the
bench. She threw both arms around him and they
stumbled, laughing.

"Let's get back to the car," she whispered, craning
upward to lick at his ear. "I've got something for
you, now."

They made their way back to her car quickly, hands
roaming non-stop over one another's bodies. She un-
locked the doors and motioned him into the back seat,
then climbed in after. Pushing him to the center of
the long seat, she maneuvered around until she was
straddling his lap, skirt pushed up to her hips.

Sitting straight up her head barely brushed the roof
of the car; in one fluid motion she pulled her blouse
off and dropped it on the seat beside him. Her breasts
were rising and falling heavily behind the thin con-
straint of her bra; this followed the shirt quickly.
Without taking her eyes from his, she lifted one beau-
tiful orb and teased her own nipple with her tongue.
His excitement was evident beneath her -- a hard bulge
pushed insistently against her naked crotch.

She ground her hips in a slow circle, tantalizing him
while she toyed with her breasts. Then, leaning for-
ward, she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it apart. Her
mouth closed on the side of his neck, biting slightly,
lips pulling at his skin. Moving downward, she bent
her neck and closed her lips around his nipple, teasing
it with her tongue. He groaned and rested his head
back against the seat, hands rising to caress the sides
of her breasts, dropping to stroke her beautiful ass.
She moved her head to the other side of his chest and
his erection became painful against the restrictive

Sensing his need, she slid a short distance down his
legs and moved her mouth up for another heated kiss.
Her hands were busy in his lap, unfastening the pants
and shoving unwanted cotton out of the way. Her move-
ments became more furtive as their mouths pulled and
teased each other. When he finally sprang free she
raised her hips and lowered her slick tunnel onto him
in one fast motion. They groaned in unison as she sank
all the way onto him, both freezing for a moment as the
sensation swept through their bodies. Then his fingers
were gripping her soft ass and he helped her lift up in
the awkward confines of the car, lowering her again as
he threatened to slip out of her delicious sex. Her
nipples scraped against his chest and he knew he
couldn't contain himself for long.

The world outside of the car ceased to exist as she
rode him up and down, picking up speed as she felt his
urgency. In a moment he cried out involuntarily and
spasmed inside of her, shooting months of pent-up lust
into her tender body. She buried her face in his neck
and began to weep inexplicably as he came. His cock
pulsed once again and they moaned together, overcome
by their mutual desire.

When his thrusts finally subsided they sat that way
for an eternity, neither willing to part from the
others flesh. Her face ran with tears of ecstasy; his
eyes were wide with the almost painful intensity of

"Was all that for me?" she finally asked.

"All that and more," he answered softly, and their
lips sought one another again.

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