Mom and son sex sex stories

Mama's Gigolo

I know a bunch of this stuff, probably 98 percent of it, is false about incest. But in email chats with this guy Long Boy Slim, he convinced me to let him post this story I forwarded to him, word for word. It's true. It's what happened between me ..continue reading

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Marriage with my son, indian sex story

Now to coming to the story, which is a true story I hope you all will enjoy it. My husband died 10 years back in an accident leaving behind me and my only my son Jaydeep who was a 10 year old then. My husband’s family did not like me because ours w ..continue reading

Unexpected Pleasures

It started out as my boyfriend’s idea of course, but I must admit it sounded pretty good to me. Jason said he always wanted to see me sucking his cock and fucking me at the same time, but since he could not be in two places at once, he needed help. ..continue reading

Judy the slutwife

On June 22, 2000 a man, armed with a handgun, entered a grocery store in the town of Reed in Desha County and demanded money from the owner, George Barnes sr. At gunpoint, the man took Barnes s money bag, and then he told Barnes to hand over the key ..continue reading

The Gray Hair Society

Her blue gray frock of hair was getting sparser. While her eyes still kept the youthful glow of a young dancer, her body sagged from many years of life. Old Betty sat perched on her bench in the park by the Library eating her lunch in complete silen ..continue reading

Deeply on mouth

Mary Pekin sat in the back row of the high school class room almost unable to look any of the other women in the face. This was so embarrassing! She had lost complete control over her sex drive because of her over developed clitoris! She had been to ..continue reading

Sweets Stories: Shower

As Tom, Dick and Harry crowded together against the window each held out an erect penis already getting shiny and wet at the top. Young Tom's nearly touched his grandfather's which was fun. He liked looking at them side by side like that. When his g ..continue reading