mother/son sex stories

Stepmom Tender Loving Care

"My goodness, Davey, what are you doing home on Friday evening watching TV instead of out on a date? This is the second weekend in a row you've stayed home." Alice Renfrow, Davey's mother, stood in front of her son seated on the couch, and smilin ..continue reading

Sobering Up Mom

Today's newspapers are filled with stories of family's being ripped apart by alcohol and drugs. This true story deals with alcohol and how it changed my family. My mom went through a period of serious alcohol abuse; abuse to the point of neglecti ..continue reading

Date with Mom

My friend Tamara had told me that the only people who took out personal ads in our local weekly were "horny yuppies with more money than brains." However, I had recently finalized my divorce after twenty-seven years of marriage, and I simply didn ..continue reading

Night at the Movies

My problem was that I was too shy. Take the time when Mum and I kissed under the mistletoe at Christmas. Admittedly, she'd had a few glasses of wine, but we'd never kissed like that before. She pulled me under the mistletoe, laughing, and took my fa ..continue reading

Moms Decree

My Pop's in the oil business, so he's often away from home for months at a time while he supervises explora- tion in the Venezuelan rainforest. I suppose we could all move down there, but our life is here, and he won't be working in the jungle fo ..continue reading

Ball in the family

Incest is a peculiar aspect of human sexuality, that it is so stigmatized and tabooed, there is very little data -- especially well documented data -- available on its occurrence and frequency. That it does exist is undeniable, but the facts surround ..continue reading

Mother's problem

Patricia was admiring her body. The mirror reflected a bombshell beauty. She was thirty-eight, but she still had it where it counted. At five feet and six inches, Patricia was a woman who had taken care of her body. After only one child, she still ha ..continue reading

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Two college students meet in a photography dark room

Evan heard the door to the college darkroom open behind him, and a stream of light came pouring into the room. "Close the door, dammit!" he yelled, trying to shield his developing film from the light. "You're going to ruin the film!" "Sorry," a ..continue reading

Real sex story, My bro and his gf

My brother and his girlfriend have been in an official relationship for about 2 years now. However behind closed doors we have really been in a 3 way relationship, although my part is purely sexual. We have regular threeways and I have also been know ..continue reading

A Needful Mother

Melissa smoothed her hands down over the blue summer dress covering her hips and smiled softly at the reflection in the mirror. She applied a thin coat of lipstick to her full, luscious lips and quietly wondered to herself why she was taking so much ..continue reading

Jess Makes Another Porno

"Jess! Welcome back," Gene said. "Was I right, or was I right?" He handed me an envelope. "What is it?" I asked. "Your first royalty check. Twenty thousand views in one month! You're hot!" "Twenty thousand?" I opened the envelope to find a check m ..continue reading

Titfuck stories, part 1

I hate whenever people start these stories by saying "I'm just a normal person." Well, you clearly aren't, or you wouldn't have such a fantastic story to tell, now would you? I'm not a normal guy, and I'm proud of it. I am not, however, above cliché ..continue reading

Stepmother goes wild for her brash 19-year-old stepson

I. It was 6 a.m. and Kitty was down in the kitchen making eggs. Her usual uptight mannerisms, developed over the course of a two-year marriage to man that resembled a dopey eyed sloth, were suddenly being replaced with an easy grace as she shuffled a ..continue reading