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Full Moon (blowjob,horror)

The two men were sitting in the small kitchen, the older man watching the kettle on the oven, the younger one watching him as he lit his cigarette. The kitchen was a small one and, by no means to be considered modern. The hearth was still operated wi ..continue reading

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Ass to mouth

My first three year of high school could have been better. I was a pudgy boy and only five foot nine inches with a pimply face. My confidence was low so it didn’t take much to bring out my shyness and that is what made my first year horrible. Alth ..continue reading

Marci Gets A Pussy Bath

Marci loved to baby-sit for her Uncle Bob. Mostly it was because he paid her really well, but he always made her feel good too. He always seemed to notice something about her that he commented on. Maybe it was that she was smart. Maybe it was her ..continue reading

Jackie's pissing fun

Jackie had found herself a boyfriend, so we didn't see as much of her as we wanted and some times as much as she wanted to either, saying how she had missed our group fuck's at Keith's, we told her a lot of the guy's had asked how she was, and when w ..continue reading

A Nude Party for the Newbie 2.

Abi cried into Mel's chest, taking comfort from her friend's warm presence. "What have I done? Did I go too far with this? What if he is really angry? Will he break up with me?", she cried as she balled. "There, there", Mel said soothingly. "You di ..continue reading

Desiree's New Friend

Desiree, a happily married, heterosexual woman, meets a tall, dark woman in the grocery store one day. A friendship develops but soon, Desiree finds out her new friend wants a little more. Written for a special friend of mine during my Christmas brea ..continue reading

My BBW Mother

My name is Pete, I am 28, live in the UK and have a good job. I am a fairly good looking guy, 6'0, and quite muscular. I live with my mother Denise who is 54. I used to live in London and have a gorgeous girlfriend up until the age of 23. She was bl ..continue reading