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The Fetish Series

Cheesy music pumped through the air, vibrating the walls of the small apartment. Then, as the credits faded away, the boom chicka boom boom of the theme music disappeared. Silence. A beer can ricocheted off the wall, flew through the air, bounced off ...

Fucking my cousin Kristie

I wrote some time back about fucking my cousin Kristie. She's 21 now and I'm in my thirties and I still sometimes write for the adult market. As I previously explained, Kristie found out what sort of adult material I wrote ("fuck stories" she said) an...

My bbw stepmom

So my stepmom is 32 years old I am 19 I've known her for 6 years and I have to mention after my 2nd year when I was 16 and my hormones were going crazy I started seeing my stepmom in a different way. She is about 5'5 of cuban decent, light tan skin, black...


It's been a long time since I've written and I have a lot of things to tell you about. Before you go any further though I want to make something perfectly clear. Inside this letter you will see an envelope of pictures that says don't open until you've r...

After the fuck party

After the fuck-party with Chelsey and the guys, Randi was sore for days. The memory of the two cocks plunging in and out of her pussy at the same time almost made her come again. She would get all wet just thinking about it. Her cunt still ached fro...

Each repeated time, I taste my cum

It all started so innocently. An electronic pulse. A reply to a message. Our interests and desires quickly melded. An exchange of pictures provided fuel for fantasies and several solo explorations. We confessed. The rapport we had lead to a decision...

Big clited teacher

It was an early spring day in Vermont. I had turned 14 a few months ago and my voice had finally dropped down and stopped squeaking. I had only recently discovered that my penis would suddenly grow and stiffen when I sat in the sun and its warmth sturated...

Sweets Stories: Shower

As Tom, Dick and Harry crowded together against the window each held out an erect penis already getting shiny and wet at the top. Young Tom's nearly touched his grandfather's which was fun. He liked looking at them side by side like that. When his grandf...

The Gray Hair Society

Her blue gray frock of hair was getting sparser. While her eyes still kept the youthful glow of a young dancer, her body sagged from many years of life. Old Betty sat perched on her bench in the park by the Library eating her lunch in complete silence. ...

The Fisherman

It was early October and the woods were ablaze with autumn color. As we walked around the lake, we could see the red, yellow, and orange trees reflected in it's smooth surface. It was very quiet up here on the mountainside. We hadn't seen another human be...

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Gay Lemonparty

I laid there bare chested as he slowly began to slide my shorts off revealing my stiff hard 7 inch thick sweaty cock. It was hot sultry night downstairs on his mother's couch. Sweat was pouring off his naked body. His cock was long, stiff and hard p ..continue reading

Mother fights with her daughter

Bonnie walked in on a dream and a nightmare, hard to tell, for lying nude on her dining table was her very sexy sixteen-year-old daughter, wearing only Sony Walkman head phones, grooving while Bonnie's brand new husband sat in a chair and ate a b ..continue reading

Sex on the train

Finally, a day off, Eartis thought to him self. On my way to the city on the B.A.R.T train, man, these fares are high. Let me get my ticket, before I talk my self out of this. Can’t wait to smell the sea breeze and eat the food. San Francisco is kn ..continue reading

Bdsm stories : Plug in, Domina!

Vern was alone at home. He liked going through his memoirs every now and then. And he realised it had been a long time since he had recounted his kinks. He fired up his laptop & visited his private blog browsing it from the last few entries. Day 7 ..continue reading

Swingers visits the strip club

We'd had a long lunch with plenty to drink before Lisa dropped me at the front door, and headed off toward the bar a mile down the road. I'd told her to give me half an hour before she came back, and to wait in the parking lot. "Drive carefully" I sa ..continue reading

Blackmailed sister

Mike McBride was driven to adultery by his inability to satisfy his lustful appetite with his wife. Even though he loved her, he craved certain acts which she absolutely refused to participate in. But then, activating his desires on others only made ..continue reading