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A Marriage in Turmoil

Where do I begin? I guess when I was just a young buck of nineteen freshly out of high school on his way to college. Like a lot of kids at that time I guess I thought I was hot stuff. I dated a lot and tried to see how many pairs of panties I could ge...

Ann and I had a falling out

The last person I thought I'd hear from was Ann. We had been friends for a long time, but our husbands had a falling out and we each ended up taking our husband's side, so we hadn't talked for several months. In fact, I'd heard from others that Ann ha...

Sixty-Four And Still Squirting

Louise and I have been married over 42 years. She is 64 and I am 63 at this time. All of this time she has been a squirter. We did not know what this was until I found it on my computer about three years ago. For all of you that squirt and wonder if ...

Pretty Kitty's Webcam

"Dustin! You gotta check this out!" Geof yelled to me. Figuring that it was something about a car or on ESPN.com, I casually walked over to see what he was looking at. "This chick will do anything!" he told me as I walked near his computer. Geof an...

Analsex, A New Experience For Lovers

My wife Melody and I have wanted to experiment with anal sex for a while now. We would talk about it in the tense of, "We should try that again, someday." We would even discuss how we could start out slow, perhaps a finger in her ass, and eventually, mayb...

The Majorette Loved Spreading

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than ...

I end up fucking a friend when my wife is drunk

I glanced across at my wife in the passenger seat. If the seat belt hadn't been holding her in position she would have been on the floor; she was well drunk when we left the restaurant and now she had passed out. So? What else is new? Normally when w...

Innocent wife at the beach

For our first wedding anniversary I took my wife on holiday to Greece to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax on the beach. There was a huge shortage of beds on the beach but on the second day an older local approached us as we searched for one in vain, ...

My Chemistry Teacher Teaches Me Something

I'm Lana Olsen and I'm 16. I'm a sophmore in high school, and I'm a pretty good student, except for chem, which I don't understand. My parents force me to go to tutoring, but my tutor was out sick on day, so I asked my teacher, Mr. Theo to help me out. I ...

Turning The Tables On Spying Brother

It was Friday night, and rather than being out with his friends, Joey was doing his homework. That wasn't unusual for Joey. He was a good student. But the real reason he had stayed home that night was that his sister was having a sleepover. Joey loved...

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Ass to mouth

I woke up to the sound of soft moaning. I opened my eyes to see Reagan nestled between my loving Katie's legs. I sat up sleepily to observe. I looked at the clock, it was only 5:00am. "Good morning love!", Katie said breathlessly. I got out of bed ..continue reading

Virgin no more

The tumultuous passions hidden within many individuals are often guarded by only a thin veneer of normalcy. Dormant, they are only exposed when the proper combination of circumstances make it impossible for the person in the grip of these degrading d ..continue reading

Jennifer was happy

It was the summer Jennifer invited the twins, Jana and Kyra, to visit her on QAI; Dave was also back in their home province — things had not gone well and Jennifer's relationship with Dave was in tatters. And her future with Mark was not as certain ..continue reading

full red lips and slender

No one was happy to see Jennifer. Which, to an outsider, might have seemed surprising. With her thick, black hair, flawless alabaster skin, full red lips and slender, athletic despite-the-fact-I-never-lower-myself-to- exercise body, Jennifer W ..continue reading

Paris Hilton is in for a surprise

Paris walked in one hip at a time, cell phone tight to one ear. She gave the room the once over, sweeping her gaze past him and deposited her tiny white hand bag in the chair by the door. She continued talking, smacking her gum as she did so, walking ..continue reading

Slutty and hot Sis

My younger and hot sister Nina ‘ I have explained our physical relations. We were ready for our classes. Nina, a hot, wild, 19 yrs girl with nice boobs, lovely face, rounded bum, strong thighs, and reddish vagina. She uses to wear long skirts with ..continue reading